Lesbian and Bi Standups You Can Stream Now on Netflix

Hannah Gadsby –  “Nanette”

If you haven’t watched this anti-standup standup, get on it. Bit of feedback for you, this was immediately lesbian culture canon. It might not be laugh out loud throughout, in fact much of it is more like the funniest Ted talk you could hope for on the topic of art history, it is nevertheless what the best comedy strives to be: surprising.

Tig Notaro "Happy to Be Here"

Tig Notaro –  “Happy to Be Here”

“In order to make you happy, I have to make myself happy first,” Tig says as she launches into a “long boring story.” In this intimate set, she meanders through family stories and takes meta turns, ribbing comedy as a genre, and her audience.

Margaret Cho –  “PsyCHO”

Politically incorrect as ever, this one might be fun to watch with your gay male friends cuz there are a lot of dick jokes and an extended crowd-work bit about gay men encountering pussy.

Sam Jay in the Comedy Lineup
Netflix/Jackson Davis

Sam Jay – “The Comedy Lineup”

In her 15-minute set, Jay reviews that old lesbian rule that says when you start a new relationship, you have to get a new dick. She also reviews those rape prevention tactics every woman knows. Her delivery brings surprise and unexpected twists to what would otherwise be well-tread territory, including the president.

Sabrina Jalees The Comedy Lineup
Netflix/Jackson Davis

Sabrina Jalees – “The Comedy Lineup”

Long-hair butch Sabrina Jalees talks her new baby, rape culture, #MeToo, feminism, and how she is gay for everybody but Drake (just like my girlfriend, which makes me think this might be a thing). A set that’s consistently funny throughout and perfect for when you need a 15-minute pick-me-up.

Netflix/Saeed Adyani

Gina Yashere – “The Standups”

The British comedian shares her thoughts on her immigration to America, filthy cities and the animated rats and roaches that run them, and Nigerian moms.

Emma Willman on The Comedy Lineup
Netflix/Jackson Davis

Emma Willman – The highlight of “The Comedy Lineup Part 2,”

Willman talks living in a small town, looking like Ellen, and being the ‘man one’ in the relationship.

And we’re still on the edge of our seats waiting for the Ellen DeGeneres special, her first in 15 years.