Batwoman Recap 1.11 — Sister From Another Multiverse

Okay, so…. I intentionally left off that in the last recap at the veryyyy end, a long-haired brunette Beth walks into the Wayne Office and Kate thinks it’s Alice playing games. So, Kate naturally tries to peel her face off. But nope! This person is real! In this episode, we resume this mid-action. Poor Beth finally manages to pepper spray a wild-eyed Kate and escapes. What the what?!

The real Alice is still in jail. We see a flashback of her time in the dungeon as a girl. Obviously this humanizes her, but also, she’s a MONSTER bruh. Lots of women have seen their mothers die, gone through unspeakably horrible shit, felt abandoned. But they don’t murder indiscriminately. Homegirl needs to GO.

Kate storms into Crows HQ and learns from Sophie that Alice is indeed still captive. Then who is this lookalike that Kate and Mary saw? They unlock her phone with Beth’s go-to password Waff3ls and see that Kate is even posing in a picture with this mystery Beth. Might I say that Ruby Rose’s hair is looking very nice and tousled. I think the show heard my mom-hair complaint!

Luke sums it up nicely: “So you think that when that galactic dude put all the Earths in a blender… somehow she ended up on this one?”

But I thought after the Infinite Earths crossover, everyone was supposed to think the new order was how it had always been, except for the superheroes who helped create it? I’m curious why normal folks are reading Beth as an anomaly. Also, where did alllllll the billions of peeps on all the earths go? Honestly, that’s above my pay grade. I only have a degree in Lesbian. 

Kate finds Nice Beth, who says she’s going crazy. No one recognizes her! What’s going on? For the moment, they just hug and get a drink. This Beth is silly. She even has a degree in astrophysics. How weird this must be for Kate to have her real sister back.

Beth jests, “I have to ask, what the hell do all your tattoos mean?” Kate balks, “So you’re telling me that the parallel Kate does NOT have tattoos?” They chat some more until Beth admits how normal this seemingly different earth is and that, “you still just feel like the best friend I’ve had my whole life.”

It turns out Beth did experience a car crash. Except in her universe, thirteen-year-old Kate didn’t freeze on the spot, and was able to pull her out in time. Kate stares unmovingly as she hears this, until she gets a call from Luke: Mouse has taken politician’s sons hostage and demands Alice back. But the city isn’t turning on the bat signal. Reporters ask, is this because Batwoman came out as a lesbian?

Welp, she gonna save the day anyway, and speeds off on her motorcycle. That is, until Mouse rams her with a van. Kate flies off and is captured. She wakes up in the same car as the hostages. On speaker phone with Sophie, she tells her twice to let Alice go. Turns out this was code they developed in survival training. Twice means do the opposite. That’s sexy AF. Fam, these two work well together.

Beth decides with Luke that she’ll pretend to be Alice. After all, Kate saved her life. Mary dolls her up, despite the pain it causes to look at someone who resembles her mom’s murderer. Beth says she doesn’t blame her. She even apologizes on behalf of Alice. Mary tearfully smiles and says “you’re nothing like that bitch.”

Beth tries to fool Mouse and Co. by spouting riddle babble but lasts only 30 seconds. Whoops! A for effort sweetie. She’s tossed into the trunk of the hostage car. But that delay was just enough time for Kate to break out of her zip ties. She beats the pulp out of all the bunnymen as I audibly whispered, “yesssss.” Mouse even gets impaled. Unfortunately, he also throws a lighter at the gasoline-doused car. 

Kate gets the hostages out but struggles to get Beth from the wreckage. For a minute, Beth seems to accept that she won’t make it. But Kate comes back with the right tool and rips her out. The fierce determination on her face is riveting. 

Alice escapes interrogation in a way I simply don’t have the energy to explain.

Okay, fine. She somehow cajoles Sophie to give her the old copy of Alice in Wonderland she had as a kid in the dungeon. It was X-rayed, scanned, what have you. Yet the Crows missed that the spine was bound with super strong cord! Yikes! Alice uses that to pick her handcuffs. She yo-yo lassos and kills her guards. How embarrassing for Sophie! And the show!

Citizens are pissed. They demand that the city turn on the bat signal, because our honeyboo is the only one good at her job. They cheer like a mosh pit when she swoops down like a celesbian.

At last, Kate and Beth celebrate a cute twin birthday at Kate’s bar. It’s everything they wished for. I don’t know why Batwoman isn’t fervently searching for Alice, but Lorde knows she needs a break. Suddenly, both Beth and Alice get a splitting headache, doubling over. If I had to guess, there can only be one of them on this earth at a time. Mama mia! What a hard choice. Not!