New Music Tuesday: 11-17-09

There are many reasons to purchase Rachael Cantu‘s latest album, Far and Wide, and I’d be lying if I said one of the reasons isn’t because she is absolutely adorable. Fortunately, she’s more than just a pretty face. Her singer/songwriter capabilities have taken her on tour with Tegan and Sara, Ben Lee and most recently with blues legend B.B. King. Her cover of Ra Ra Riot’s “Can You Tell” makes me want to crawl inside her pant pocket and curl into a little ball forever.

Here’s what else is new today:

Kid SisterUltraviolet (Downtown/Fool’s Gold)

This girl has got some serious swagger and a tongue so sharp it could cut diamonds. The debut album is bursting with samples that make me reminiscent of my high school dances (because I’m old like that). She’s got some support from Cee Lo Green, Kanye, Estelle and DJ Gant Man. Sure, she’s sexy, but she’s also wicked smart and has a quick wit that could rival most of the male MCs out on the scene right now. I challenge you to listen to “Switch” and not bounce around in your seat. This is Chicago house music at its finest. Stream it in its entirety over at today.

Leona LewisEcho (Sony BMG)

This highly anticipated second release from Leona Lewis is filled with the pop balladry we’ve come to expect from her music. Pop’s go-to song man Ryan Tedder co-wrote and produced some of the songs on the album and Justin Timberlake even lends his vocal arrangements to one of the tunes.

AnnieDon’t Stop (Island records)

Norway’s electro-pop diva has put together another impressive album ready to take you straight to the dance floor. If you’re a fan of Kylie Minogue, The Ting Tings and shaking your groove thing this will be a great album to pop in while you’re getting ready for the clubs.

Norah JonesThe Fall (Blue Note Records)

Yet another album you can listen to and enjoy in its entirety on Spinner this week! The album boasts 19 — yes, 19 — songs, five of which were co-written with Ryan Adams, Jesse Harris and Richard Julian.

Honorable mentions (some with male parts) go out to Them Crooked Vultures, Rakim (of Eric B. and Rakim fame) and brother-sister duo The Fiery Furnaces (who I forgot to include in last week’s post but they deserve some love, so here it is).

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