Morning Brew: Monday, Nov. 30

Good morning!

Leave it to Beth Ditto to plug other lesbians in The New York Times. As this Sunday’s featured Playlist interviewee, the singer shared one of her favorite new bands, Explode into Colors and said she knew them from around Portland. “It’s like six degrees of lesbianation,” Ditto said of her home city. “There’s so much overlap.” Portland and everywhere else, B. Ditty.

Explode Into Colors, Playing Six degrees of Lesbianation

We’re not the only ones hoping for Gretchen and Claire to get together on Heroes. listed the Heroes roomies as one of the couples they’d like to see hook up. I’m already thinking of their couple name: Graire? Cletchen? Sweeps lesbian kiss that will likely lead nowhere? That’s a little long.

Kissing for the first/last time

Out singer Holly Miranda wrote on her blog that her “sweetheart” Lola is in a music video for gay musician Chris Garneau‘s new single, “Fireflies.” Not only is Garneau an amazing artist, but the video has a Legend of Zelda theme and Lola looks fierce as the princess.

Her name was Lola, she was a music video princess

Lesbian singer/model Samantha Fox was kicked off the UK’s I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here last week. As soon as she left the show, she hugged her fiancee Myra Stratton and said “I’ve been waiting for a bath all week.” Of course, this was turned into a headline including the words “lusts” and lesbian lover.” I had no idea every time I took a shower I meant that I really wanted something sexy involving my lover. And all this time I was worried about hygiene.

Samantha Fox, post-shower

Have you been considering purchasing a ticket to Lady Gaga‘s Monster Ball tour? Perhaps this will win you over: A review of her show in Canada notes that there’s a “lesbian orgy in a dentist’s chair.” Suddenly Sapphic admiration for the “Bad Romance” singer could rival that of gay men. Well, maybe if there are also more videos like “Love Game.”

A pop star intent on making her live shows lesbian-friendly

Lesbian author and Pace University professor Karla Jay penned an open letter to her students that was published in this month’s issue of political mag In These Times. In it she writes: “There’s a Stonewall Coalition at the university, but you don’t need that because New York City has so many queer bars and you have the fake I.D. to get in. You’re oh-so-out, though most of you can’t apply the LGBTQ words to yourself in my queer courses.” Something tells me she’s not so psyched on the young and the label-less.

Jamaican stage actress Camille Davis says her dream role is to play gay. “I look forward to different characters. What would be out there for me is playing the role of a lesbian. Like a ‘butch’ lesbian,” she told the Gleaner. That’s a role that might be better received somewhere other than Jamaica. Come visit us in the U.S., Camille!

Enjoy what’s left of November!