Morning Brew: Friday, Dec. 4


In some fantastic news (Thanks for the tip, Jenni!), The Runaways has a premiere date at Sundance this year, which means that (hopefully) national distribution won’t be far behind. The 2010 Sundance Film Festival runs January 21-31 in Park City, Salt Lake City, which isn’t too far away, when you consider how long I’ve been waiting to see Kristen Stewart in action as Joan Jett.

Also making its debut at Sundance is Bran Nue Dae, a musical film starring bisexual musician Missy Higgins.

And I Am Love, starring Tilda Swinton as the mother of a young, hot lesbian.

Has the entire Sundance Film Fest become the Queer Lounge? I’m liking it.

Liz Feldman made a guest appearance on The Today Show this morning as a “weather apprentice” and told the audience, “It looks like there’s gonna be some sunshine, and the sun’s gonna be wearing sunglasses!” She creeped out Al Roker by hugging him against his will (“It’s like hugging a teddy bear that’s lost all it’s stuffing.”). As Feldman herself said on the show, “Nailed it!”

In other lesbian/morning television news, out fitness professional Lacey Stone (Lesbian Love) is going to be on The Today Show this Sunday (9 -10am EST).

Addison’s mom came out on Private Practice Thursday night when Addison caught mom and her BFF kissing. Turns out mom and BFF had been lovers for 20 years without Addison having a clue. Seriously? (Thanks to the linster!)

In other hot actress news, Eva Mendes recently told The Sun she adores Kate Winslet and wants to writer her a love letter. If she had said that to, we’d have rolled our eyes and told her to get in line.

With all those rumors about a new Buffy film floating around, we know one thing is true: Alyson Hannigan will not be playing lesbian character Willow if Joss Whedon isn’t involved. She told Cinemablend, “If Joss isn’t involved, it’s just the title.” We heard Kristy Swanson originally said the same thing about Luke Perry and the TV series, but that’s just gossip.

Meredith Baxter‘s coming out wouldn’t be complete without the press making sure it was OK with her TV husband: Family Ties star Michael Gross says he’s happy for Meredith — and himself. “I’m just thrilled this has happened because now my wife and I don’t have to hide this from everybody we know,” Gross said. “Occasionally people will say to us, ‘Hey, Michael, you still see your costar? How’s she doing? Is there a man in her life?'” Well, as long as he’s comfortable.

Two of “the most watched shows of the decade” have had some significant lesbianism. Any guesses? They rhyme with “Blends” and — oh nevermind! Nothing rhymes with “Anatomy.”

Lastly, Venice debuts tonight on at 8 p.m. PST. You can watch the first episode for free and, after that, you can subscribe to all episodes for $9.99.

Have a great weekend!

Editor’s NoteHappy Birthday to “Morning Brew” author and Blog Editor Trish Bendix!