Styled Out: A New York state of style

Who doesn’t love a sale? It’s a worldwide trend and — word to the wise — now is the time to shop. New York City is gearing up for their 2010 Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week and for you that means major deals on stuff that is totally still in style. It’s like a double whammy right now because in style-speak, February signals the beginning of Spring for merchandising shelves. (Crazy, I know, but I’m sure you’ve noticed).

What this means is out with the winter gear that most of us will still find handy. Some would argue that Paris is the fashion hub of the world, or Milan and it really depends on who you’re speaking to but the fact of the matter is that there are many an online deal for you to score if you shop the Big Apple right about now, and you can still score virtually if you’re not a stone’s throw from SoHo.

One of my all time favorite designers, Built by Wendy has gone wild. Case in point: Almost every article in her unbelievable Fall 2009 collection is currently on sale, but I suggest snapping those babies up as fast as your tax return is directly deposited, because it will go fast. Anyone privy to the Williamsburg boutique will be in the know and cleaning her out faster than she can slap shipping labels on your goods.

Holy markdowns, Batman. Ultra chic yet wildly pricey Opening Ceremony will make your jaw hit the floor with the way they’re slashing prices over there to make room for the freshest of the flock soon to be flying off of those runways. We’re talking hundreds of dollars off of stuff most of us couldn’t afford at regular price.

When I’m in the shop I go from top to bottom “ooh-ing and ahh-ing” but being selective or buying only a single prized item but this sale is scaring me, I’m afraid I could become a self-induced statistic and have to do something like they do in the movies, like freeze my credit card. Check out the mark down’s on Chloe Sevigny‘s 2009 collection, you’ll do a double take on the real. Let me know what you pick out.

Oak (L) and Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony (R)

Oak swoon. Two years ago (in February, ah-hem) my friend David and I were trotting off the beaten path in NoHo and we stumbled upon this glorious haven. Heavy in the denim department, it’s one of those places that you’re bound to find something that totally hugs your junk in all of the right places. It’s hard to overlook that every model is all heeled-up, but I think the quality of the jeans is obvious and marked way down. I’m wiping the drool away as a I scribble all of this to you in the best love note you’re going to get all week.

My honorable mention for this blog is a major shout out to In God We Trust located in the heart of SoHo. In-store sales are supposed to be great as well!

Will some of your hard earned dollars be invested into a wardrobe re-charge?