Morning Brew: Wednesday, Feb. 24

Hi friends!

MC Remy Ma has been a rumored member of our team for a while, especially after a video of a woman claiming to have slept with her went viral — and some people thought the woman looked like hip-hop star, Nicki Minaj. Remy Ma called into a radio station yesterday from prison, where she’s currently serving a three year term for a shooting/stealing incident, and addressed the gossip:

I’m not gay, how would I have sex with Nicki Minaj? No, I never had sex with Nicki anybody. I’ve never done any girls in my life and I never would. But actually, that video came out years ago. I was home, actually, when it first surfaced. And um, I don’t know who that is. The crazy thing with me is that it’s been out for so long, I’ve been waiting for somebody to type on in the computer and something like “I know her, she lives next door to me, this is who it really is,” but I never know. I don’t even know what the logic is behind that.

I’m wondering if her cell mates could confirm or deny the “never done any girls in my life” statement.

Author, philosopher and activist Judith Butler is proud to be a Jewish lesbian, but she’s not so into people using her name as a verb after it was used in a gay film called The Bubble. She said:

I mean, it was very funny to say, “don’t Judith Butler me,” but “to Judith Butler someone” meant to say something very negative about men and to identify with a form of feminism that was against men. And I’ve never been identified with that form of feminism. … I’m not always calling into question who’s a man and who’s not, and am I a man? Maybe I’m a man. [laughs] Call me a man. I am much more open about categories of gender, and my feminism has been about women’s safety from violence, increased literacy, decreased poverty and more equality. I was never against the category of men.

OK, fine — I won’t Judith Butler anyone wrongly, but I am now thinking of ways to Suze Orman or Jenny Shimizu someone.

Showgirls 2 is supposed to be a sequel to the original hot mess that starred Elizabeth Berkley and Gina Gershon, but the trailer looks absolutely nothing like the first. However, there is some, as my UK friends would say, lesbian pashing. The trailer is NSFW or around anyone that might make fun of you for wanting to see the sequel to Showgirls.

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is coming out on DVD next Tuesday, so add it to your Netflix queue now! Need I remind you: Julianne Moore plays a lesbian and enlists Blake Lively to pose for some Sapphic S&M shots. I’m sure they are tasteful!

Can you believe Olivia Cruises has been around for 20 years? USA Today talked with founder Judy Dlugacz about the beginning, the success and the lesbian travel market. “I know when we started many women had not even taken vacations because they felt vulnerable out there,” Judy said. “Now many of our guests are very seasoned travelers of the world and it’s hard to keep up with where they want to go.” We’re a tough crowd, Judy! But you have 20 years of dealing with gay women on vacation, so you know high levels of stress.

Want a spoiler for next week’s Desperate Housewives lesbian storyline? Don’t click if you don’t!

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