“Twilight Saga: Eclipse” trailer: Bite me!

After yesterday’s 10 second teaser — seven seconds of which featured nekkid Team Jacob — Summit Entertainment has dropped the first trailer for Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Here you go:

I don’t understand a lot of things about Twilight.

I don’t understand why a person who wears mom jeans would also wear a Team Edward shirt. I don’t understand why a Team Edward/Team Jacob fight broke out in my theater when the New Moon trailer premiered before Up. I don’t understand why my best friend participated in that fight. I don’t understand why everyone gasped at the end of New Moon when Edward asked Bella to marry him, like that is a more important decision than choosing eternal undeath! I sure as Whedon don’t understand (spoiler alert!) werewolf imprinting. But mostly I don’t understand why I can’t look away from these movies!

Everything in me wants to drink the Twilght haterade, and then I’m, like, crying in the theater when Edward tries to commit vampire suicide by shining his sparkly chest in the sun!

Anyway, I’m oddly moved by this trailer. And oddly freaked the frak out by Bryce Dallas Howard‘s leaping skills.

What do you think of the first look at Eclipse?