Great LezBritain: The Top 10 British Ladies We Wish Were Gay, But Aren’t (As Far As We Know)

Thanks to popular British film and television, there is a perception outside Britain that roaming amidst our green fields and cobbled streets are delicate, silver-spooned beauties and post-Henry Eliza Doolittles. While we are on record as being rather fond of the corset — for two reasons — in reality, there is a much more diverse bunch of British ladies turning heads. And a high proportion of them are swigging pints, not tea. 

So we are dedicating this column to the introduction and celebration of some of today’s most desirable ladies in dear old Blighty. And because we are gripped by UK election fever, we decided to be democratic about it and sent a Twat out a few days ago asking you to nominate the UK ladies you wish were of a lesbian persuasion.

It would be far too challenging a task to look at this with any deep meaning — we’d have to flick through historical archives, consider decades of actors, musicians, thinkers and writers, and frankly we are knackered from election watch. So instead we have kept it shallow and simple and picked the ladies that you voted for most and added them to some of our own selfish choices.

Before we begin, we must also give honorary mentions to some of the popular choices that would have been involved had the list been a little longer: Nigella Lawson, Emma Thompson, Keira KnightleyDavina McCall, Claudia Winkleman, Rachel Shelley and Lena Headey.   

Keeley Hawes — The English rose (Lee’s free pass)

Even if every single one of you had said you disliked Keeley, she would have still made this list because no matter what role she plays, she manages to make it the sexiest TV character of the moment.

We first became acquainted with her when she played the sexiest 19th century lesbian viewers had ever seen as Kitty Butler in the Andrew Davies adaptation of Tipping The Velvet. Post Kitty, she became Zoe, a brilliant MI5 spy in Spooks (its name was changed to MI5 in the US) and today she is reviving eighties kitsch as PC Alex Drake in Ashes To Ashes. Never has a woman looked so good in high waisted trousers, a loose perm and bright blue eye shadow.

Ruta Gedmintas — The one to keep your eye on

She may not have droves of admirers knocking down her door just yet, but after witnessing her on set as heartbreaker Frankie in the forthcoming BBC series Lip Service, we predict a whole lot of lezzy-adoration in Ruta’s future.

We first saw her looking very English rose as King Henry VIII mistress Bessie Blount in The Tudors and gave her not another thought. Since then she has undergone a really authentic lesbian make-under and developed a swagger that could knock Shane’s crown right off her tangled head. Roll on autumn 2010.