Afternoon Delight: Tuesday, May 25

Remember last Friday when you wasted half your workday playing Google Pac-Man? Well, according to BBC News, all your wacka-wacka-ing cost employers 4.8 million hours and $120 million worldwide. If you extrapolate their formula and substitute "trolling the internet for photos of Karen Gillan" for "Pac-Man," I have lost approximately — 56 searches, 24 hours in a day — three years of my life since Amy Pond became Doctor Who’s new companion.

She looks legitimately hurt that you didn’t vote for her in the Hot 100. You should be ashamed of yourselves. It’s a good thing she has me to comfort her.


  • Tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for: Glee is going Gaga with "Theatrically." You’ve watched the TV promos and you’ve seen the photos — Jeepers H. Christmas, those costumes! — and here’s a final behind-the-scenes peek to amp up your Santana love to a full-blown ten. [via ONTD]
  • Give you more GaGa, you say? OK! Lady GaGa is headlining Logo’s NewNowNext Awards on June 17th along with Kelly Osbourne, Regina King, Johnny Weir, Linda Perry and about a bajillion other stellar celebs. Lady GaGa has never missed a NNN awards ceremony, by the way. Win, win? I think so. [via NewNowNext
  • You want even more? OK, but I am cutting you off after this. You may need to see someone about this obsession of yours. According to a Tweet from Larry King, Lady GaGa will be on his show next week. How is she in so many places at once? I’m starting to think she has a time machine. [via Vulture]

  • It’s a big day for "don’t ask, don’t tell." This morning, after a whole lot of waffling and mixed messages from the White House, President Obama signed a compromise between Congress and the Defense Department that will bring DADT to a vote in both the House and the Senate this week. If the repeal passes, it will not be implemented until later this year — likely in December — when the Pentagon completes its study on how to integrate gay soldiers into the military.

    Reaction from the LGBT community has been mixed. "Compromise" doesn’t sound encouraging when you’re talking about an obviously unjust and antiquated piece of legislation. But it is unlikely that DADT would have made it far on the Senate and House floors before November without the compromise. And in the midterm elections, Republicans — many of whom support DADT — are expected to scoop up plenty of Congressional seats. It’s a step in the right direction, but maybe not the leap many people were hoping for. [via WaPo]

  • Betty White is better than Lost, at least that’s what preliminary ratings numbers suggest. Betty’s SNL hosting gig pulled in about two million more viewers than this week’s
    Lost finale. Suck on that, Smoke Monster. [via NYT]
  • In other good news-y news, the Reverend Mary Albing, a pastor of a Lutheran Church of Christ for the last seven years, was recognised by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) on Sunday. When she joined the congregation in 2003, she couldn’t receive her Letter of Call because she was in a same-sex relationship. Last year the ELCA voted in an overwhelming majority to allow LGBT people to lead their churches, and on Sunday, Mary Albing became official. (-y a pastor. She was already officially a lesbian.)
  • Cherry Grrl has a fun interview with The Big Gay Sketch Show‘s wildly talented Nicol Paone. In it, they wonder about the interest in her sexual orientation, saying: " even had the question posted with the response, ‘I think she is bisexual. And hot. You are openly bisexual, but why do you think so many people out there still question it?" Paone’s answer:

I don’t know … but let’s get back to the "bisexual and hot" part — whoever wrote that, call me. I honestly don’t know why people care. I mean, unless someone is interested in me and wants to know my orientation for that reason, I have no idea.

  • And The Daily Show just released a mash-up of some of their best gay marriage moments.
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Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by Venus Williams‘ French maid uniform at the French Open.

Responding to the hullabaloo surrounding her outfit, Williams explained that her look is "about illusion," which is "a lot of my motif this year." My personal look is "pajamas" which is "why I became a writer in the first place."

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