Celebrity mug shots: the good, the bad and the crumpin’

by Dorothy Snarker

In this month’s issue of Jane magazine, stars from the Sundance Film Festival (uh, wasn’t that in January?) answered the question “What‘s your crime?” for a photo shoot. These true confessions came in the form of mug shots spelling out these so-called crimes. The spread yielded nary a felony (OK, Paul Rudd’s answer raises an eyebrow … ), but there were plenty of admissions of bad behavior and nasty habits.

My favorite: Mandy Moore pleading guilty to her crimes against our eardrums as the “Singer of ‘Candy.'”

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Other honorable mentions: Kristen Bell the reckless/rage-filled driver, Ellen Page the briefs burglar, Keri Russell the Disney vandal and Famke Janssen the dance-floor terrorist.

And, just because I love them and wish them nothing but sunshine and puppies: Parker Posey the focus thief, Lili Taylor the caffeine addict, Sarah Polley the love bandit and Zooey Deschanel the frozen-treat embezzler.

P.S. If you happen to share a room with Ione Skye, hide your toothbrush. Just a suggestion.