The 20 Most Popular Posts on in 2010

6.’s 2010 Gift Guide for the Gay Woman

You must have needed some ideas for at least one woman in your life, or maybe just wanted some stuff for yourself. We published the gift guide one month ago and it managed to rank as one the most read pieces this year.

7. People’s Choice Winners

Last January, we polled you on more general awards that weren’t lesbian or bisexual specific. We even asked you what dudes you liked! And you wanted to know the results just as much as we did. What we found out: we still love Tina Fey, Grey’s Anatomy and Glee. And a lot of us apparently enjoyed The Tyra Banks Show.

8. 16 Lesbian and Bisexual Bad Asses

Weak lesbians? Yeah, right! This celebration of out female characters ran the gamut of comic book characters, L Worders and Queen Latifah‘s turn as a gay bank robber in Set it Off.

9. Glee recaps

Some of you love our recaps, some of you love to hate them. Nonetheless, we write them and you will come. It appears Brittana is quickly becoming the new Naomily, but with less kissing.

10. Review of Bloomington

When we first showed you the trailer, we all had high hopes. So did the film about an ex-actress/college student falling for her professor deliver? Our reviewer, Danielle Riendeau, thought so, writing “Bloomington could be the sleeper hit of this season’s queer festival dramas. It’s sexy, it’s different, and best of all, it’s fun.”