The 20 Most Popular Posts on in 2010

11. Going With the Flow:
Sexual fluidity, bisexuals, lesbians and “hasbians” in pop culture

Sexual fluidity continues to be a popular topic on our site as well as the world at large. Women, especially, seem to fluctuate in how they identify, so we had to get into it and boy, did the comments follow suit.

12. Amber Heard Talks About Being Out in Hollywood

For the first time on record, the actress spoke about being in a relationship with a woman and why she chose not to hide in the closet. We broke the story because, well, we were ready and waiting for her to just say the words!

13. Pretty Little Liars recaps

ABC Family’s show about teen girls has a hot lesbian. Of course you want to know all about it, or relive it over and over again. Plus Heather Hogan loves to include your Tweets along with her own thoughts on the show, so it’s very interactive.

14. An interview with Laurel Holloman

We caught up with the actress to see what she’s been up to post-L Word and she spared no detail. She’s been painting, doing a little bit of acting, and still hadn’t watched the finale episode.

15. The Allure of the Lesbian Cheerleader

We noticed a trend this year in the rise of Sapphically-inclined cheerleading characters, so we had to test the appeal of putting the two archetypes together. And while we can’t tell you how many hits we got from straight men doing Google searches of the two words, we can share our delight with the fact that several of you used the comments section to tell us about your own cheerleading experiences.