Hulu snags “Skins,” invites you to watch Naomi and Emily fall in love from the beginning

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a little bit of a Skins evangelist. And by “evangelist,” I mean “bully.” And by “bully,” I mean I usually suggest that people who haven’t watched Skins punch themselves in the face until they beat their faces into submission and their faces agree that their eyeballs should spend the next 40 hours watching all of Skins. Which isn’t really fair of me, especially because if you’re an American like me, your choices for watching Skins are: piracy, region-free DVD players, YouTube clips or Netflix. It’s not exactly the most accessible show on earth — until now!

I’m not sure how long it’s been happening, but yesterday Dorothy Snarker told me that Hulu is now hosting every episode of Skins, and you can watch it for free!

Since I’ve written about six badrillion words about Skins over the years — series three and four especially — I thought maybe I’d use this post to tell you how I watched Skins the first time, and then embed three of my favorite Naomily clips — and then you tell me how you watched Skins the first time, and share your favorite Naomily moments. Yeah? Yeah!

In no particular order …

Episode 3.04, Pandora — “Keep your vagina on!

(No, that’s not the original music. But it’s also not the Katy Perry abomination from Netflix!)

Episode 3.06, Naomi — “F–k it; go ahead and disappoint me.”

Episode 3.09, Katie and Emily — “I can’t stand it … I can’t.” “It’s OK.”

I watched Skins for the first time when I was trapped in bed with the flu. I’d heard so many good things about it, but I thought the hype was too good to be true. After watching a single, ten-minute clip on YouTube, I was hooked forever.

OK, your turn! How’d you watch Naomily for the first time? What are some of your favorite Naomily moments? Will you watch it again now that it’s free on Hulu?