7 Super-Gay DIY Decor Ideas

Unlike straight men who think a row of empty liquor bottles on top of kitchen cabinets is fine decor, most lesbians want their space to be unique and memorable. Whether you want it to feel like a warm hug or an explosion of color, here are some affordable and clever ideas! Not handy? That’s OK! Here are plenty of ideas for dykey DIY decor, whether you’re an amateur interior designer or if you can be reliably spotted in the local Home Depot.


Sapphic salon wall

We all have certain photos that speak to us. Here are some of my favorites. Creating an energetic wall of various framed art is a great way to achieve a mature, bold aesthetic. Check out your local donation thrift store—they usually have a whole aisle of lightly-used frames for a few dollars. Use removable velcro hanging strips for small to medium size pictures.

As you pair images, think about contrast: show a range of both individual portraits and groups of people, at close and far range. If you don’t have Photoshop, hit up your artsy friend to resize some of your picks. For glossy, full-color, poster-sized art, I order online here. You can’t beat their prices! For cheap black and white prints, you can email a local print shop that prints wide-format architectural drawings—a jumbo poster on 20lb bond paper is $2.00!


Cat castle

Show your guests JUST how much of a crazy cat lady you are with this six foot tall cat tree, or rather, Cat Château. Put it in the room you spend the most time in, preferably next to a window. Sprinkle catnip or chicken at the top for a nice kitty workout. Your furry friends will love to hang out with you from their high perch. Perhaps the penultimate super-gay DIY decor, there are lots of options to make your own cat tree.


Custom litter cabinet

Let’s get real. Litter boxes stink. Literally. Finding a place for them is nearly impossible and they’re always an eyesore. I spent a long time researching alternatives to big, ugly boxes, and settled on a clever plan to customize a sleek Ikea cabinet with a cat door. While I’ve used metal here, this DIY is very customizable for lots of cabinet or credenza styles. If you’re working with wood, you’d just need to swap out tin snips for a jig saw. To make this DIY hack easy to clean and maintain, I put skinny cardboard tubs inside with a litter mat runway to catch the stray bits. I can throw away the tubs each month—easy maintenance!


Modern furniture (built by your girlfriend)

Maybe your sweetie is handy with tools and would love nothing more than to build you some mid-century furniture. If not, be your own craftswoman, and grab a nice cut of wood from the hardware store, or better yet, your local second chance depot, where unused materials are up for grabs. This is truly as simple as DIY gets, so don’t be intimidated. Stain the wood to your liking and screw in some simple, hairpin metal legs, which you can order from lots of online retailers. Voilà! A quality, custom piece that would sell for hundreds online.


Gay buttons

Whether buttons, enamel pins, patches, stickers, postcards, or ticket stubs, most lesbians collect some sort of gay ephemera. Display your collection as a centerpiece to show your personal interests and just how far out of the closet you are.


Salt lamp and tapestry

If you don’t own a salt lamp, are you even a lesbian? Most are around $20 and create unparalleled, dimmable mood light. Pair it with a bold tapestry, the perfect bedroom statement piece that won’t come crashing down on your head. Tapestries are great option for BIG art that won’t break the bank.



Lesbians LOVE plants. A couple leafy babies can make all the difference in how a space feels. Activate your ceilings with hanging plants. Drill a small hole near a window and pop in drywall ceiling anchors for simple hooks that can hold up to 20 pounds! Great for plants you don’t want your cats munching on. Golden Pothos and spider plants both drape nicely.

For floor greenery, snake plants are virtually unkillable and clean the air every morning, money trees look gorgeous with their braided stalks, and cast iron plants can thrive in low light. Keep an eye out for some small sweeties at Trader Joe’s for under $15, or $40 big bois at Home Depot or Ikea.

Imagine bringing a new sweetie home to your spot when you’ve added personal touches like these. She’s gonna be so impressed with your home decor skills, even if you’re no Suzie homemaker. These simple, gay DIY decor ideas will go a long way to making you feel like you live in a comfy temple-of-Diana-level dyke zone.