Tori Amos: Soon at a comics store near you

Are you ready for Tori Amos:
The Comic Book
? The ethereal piano goddess with the Titian hair will
have her songs turned into a graphic novel anthology called Tori
Amos’ Comic Book Tattoo
, slated for release this summer.

The project was announced in this month’s SPIN
, and apparently
some 70 artists have already signed on to transform Tori’s deeply
personal and sometimes abstruse lyrics into artwork. The 400-plus page full-color
be ready in time for the San Diego Comic-Con this July.

Seems Tori and editor Rantz
A. Hoseley have been talking about the idea for the last 15 years. As
she told SPIN, the decision to go ahead with the comic was both difficult
and exciting: “Obviously, I’ll need to have a level of trust to
turn over these songs to each writer. With the unknown, there can be
a feeling of reticence, but that in itself can be sexy.”

Sexy? Quite possibly. Strange?
Almost guaranteed. Tori’s songwriting has a fantastical quality that
should lend itself well to animation. And her lyrics — which tackle
everything from rape to religion, masturbation to miscarriage
— certainly provide endless story fodder. Though, if I might be so
bold, could I request that someone illustrate “Caught a Light Sneeze”
so that maybe, finally, I’ll know what the hell Tori is singing about?