New Music Tuesday: 9-16-08

The Cure are releasing yet another album today, but the true musical gems take a different form this week, in a female-fronted pop trend. I don’t mean pop ala the Pussycat Dolls, however; I mean pop as it should be — blissful tunes that stay in your head and can easily be adapted to situations in your life, like a score for your everyday. Give these new albums a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

Dressy Bessy Holler and Stomp (Transdreamer)

This album is dreamy indie pop from a band that brought you two songs from the But I’m a Cheerleader soundtrack. Frontwoman Tammy Ealom gets a little angsty on “Simple Girlz,” and the song is better for it.

JemDown to Earth (ATO)

Not to be be confused with the Jem that is truly outrageous, this one is a Welsh vocalist which you might remember from several TV shows utilizing songs from her 2004 album, Finally Woken. On Down to Earth, expect more TV-ready pop rock love songs.

Leona NaessThirteens (Verve Forecast)

Anglophiles and folk fans alike will love Leona’s songwriting. “Let’s go out late/drink a lot/stay out past 11/dance all night/leave our boyfriends behind” she sings on the aptly titled “Leave Our Boyfriends.” What a wonderful idea.

Amanda PalmerWho Killed Amanda Palmer? (Roadrunner)

The Dresden Doll perfects dark and dreamy piano pop on her solo debut. Expect nothing less than narrative songwriting and soulful theatrical singing and you will be pleasantly consumed with Who Killed Amanda Palmer?