Is Sandra Bernhard a dance floor diva?

I need your help, readers. I am perplexed by this new “music video” from Sandra Bernhard. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

Sandra Bernhard “Perfection”

OK, first of all, I know many of you won’t have complaints about Ms. Bernhard moving around in her bra, but why? Is there some sort of artistic expression that goes along with the photographing of her exposed?

Secondly, I just don’t really get the song. Maybe it’s just being taken out of context as a single. Maybe as part of the entire Perfection EP it works, but I am just not understanding why her friend’s “timing is perfection” and why the rest of the song is her naming brands of jeans.

Is it possible Sandra is trying to become a gay dance floor diva? I’m not sure if that’s in the cards for her. I kind of like her as a comedian who used to wear stretch pants on Roseanne and make-out with Madonna.

To me, Sandra is best when she has something to say, which is (usually) all the time. I’m probably just stunned by her lack of mouth moving. If you are too, tune in to hear her on the Howard Stern Show today. She’ll most likely have a lot to say there.