Gaming is for girls: “Things on Wheels” updates “Micro Machines”

“World of Warcraft” character customization includes sex change

“World of Warcraft” is a game of plenty, and players utilizing the North American servers just got even more cool stuff. Players can now re-customize their characters to change their gender, skin tone, name, hair style and facial features.

The service will set you back a cool 15 bucks. No word on when the rest of the globe will get the feature or how much it’s going to sting them, but Blizzard seem to be suggesting some time early in the new year.

Knothole Island DLC for “Fable II” now December 22

It seems the official Xbox site was in error when it posted the Knothole Island release date as Dec. 12, as it was actually meant to be Dec. 22. Lionhead has stated the new content will definitely arrive on the 22nd, so not long to wait.

Along with the new content, there will be a co-op patch and some festive treats, including Knight’s Boots, Assassin’s Gloves, and Weight Loss Potion.

XBLA Things On Wheels TOW

Xbox Live’s “Things On Wheels” looks cool

While perusing recent press releases for upcoming Xbox Live Arcade releases, a little game called “Things on Wheels” stood out to us because it seems somewhat reminiscent of the old “Micro Machines” titles (and weren’t they a hoot!). The difference here is that “Things on Wheels” lets you play RC cars of varying styles.

The game will feature 1-4 cooperative and multi-player modes and RC models ranging from Muscle cars to Sportster class. We haven’t had a hands on with it, but it’s definitely one to keep on the radar. No release date announced at time of writing. On a side note, it’s a shame the official site is so immature and sexist in its tone — it was the only thing that put us off this title.

Proof that you can make a game from anything

Connie Talbot is a little girl who presently sits at the number-one spot (at time of writing) on the U.S. Billboard chart. She bumped off a little band called Coldplay from the top spot. Apparently the folks at Data Design Interactive thought Connie would make the perfect game for Wii, so they’ve come up with “Connie Talbot: Over the Rainbow,” a karaoke title for Nintendo Wii.

The video game features 15 tracks, including stunning renditions of John Lennon’s “Imagine, “Any Dream Will Do, What a Wonderful World” and Bob Marleys reggae classic “Three Little Birds.” Players will be able to sing along with Connie in the fantastic karaoke mode, or with other friends or family members in multi-player fun.

EA boasts bumper gaming year for 2008

EA CEO John Riccitiello was chatting to MTV earlier in the week and beaming about all those high scores EA titles managed throughout 2008. Seventeen games scored a rather impressive 80 or more on Metacritic, but one big name title was missing and it’s one Gay Girls Who Game are covering this week. We don’t always fall in line with the general consensus, but it seems when it comes to EA titles we just might. “Dead Space” did well, as did “Left 4 Dead,” “Spore” and “Rock Band.”

Over at Lesbian Gamers this week, we’ve got news on upcoming Quantic Dream title “Heavy Rain.” We ask the “Credit Crunch” question: Are some companies seeing this as a good excuse? We also look at The Timothy Plan and its conservative Christian views on gaming with gay content.(Oh and we’re looking for a PC games writer, so get on over there if that sounds like you — no flakes!)

Over at Lesbian Geek we ponder the news that Battlestar Galactica‘s Gaeta isn’t as gay as we thought he was.

Happy gaming week!