Amy Sedaris is one crafty woman

With her 2006 book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, Amy Sedaris taught us the importance of entertaining and that hospitality is universal, “whether you live in a basement with the income of a 10-year-old girl or on a saffron farm in the south of Spain.”

The best-selling book taught readers how to make the comedian’s famous cupcakes and cheese balls (among loads of other recipes), and how to perfect the dying art of entertaining (with tips like when to cut off a drunk guest to avoid them staying over and wetting your bed).

Luckily, Sedaris’ genius will be put to published pages again, this time in a craft book, due out next fall.

It was just announced that Grand Central Publishing purchased the U.S. rights to Sedaris’ craft book, which is currently untitled (though we can expect it’ll be something ridiculous and/or random, and perhaps somewhat related to crafts).

The press release states that the new book will continue to showcase Sedaris’ “unique approach to home life through the use of fun, long-forgotten crafts.”

And by unique approach, they mean the hilarious, off-beat and sometimes vulgar humor that we’ve come to know and love her for. Otherwise, it’d be just another craft book, right?

I’ve never been the crafty type, myself, but something tells me if anyone will be able to convince me to try it, it’s Amy. Any guesses as to what she may be able to teach you? Maybe how to bedazzle a sweater, ala her Strangers With Candy character, Jerri Blank?