Neetu Chandra is in hot water for “promoting lesbianism”

Indian actress Neetu Chandra caused quite a scene during a recent photo shoot for The Man magazine. The shoot, which took place outside a hotel lobby in the Mumbai suburb of Juhu was apparently so scandalous, it led to a group of male onlookers screaming obscenities and even physically harming some members of the magazine’s crew.

What was so outraging? Well, of course, it was a girl-on-girl photo shoot. The actress and model Krishikha Gupta was scantily clad in bikinis, posing for a cover of the magazine’s June issue, which is nothing many American’s haven’t seen before.

However, the onlookers felt the shoot was “promoting lesbianism.” Sounds to me like they were just jealous. Either way, they disturbed things enough that the shoot had to be cancelled.

In a statement to the media, as reported in the Hindustan Times, the Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! star said:

Though the concept about two girls getting very intimate was a bit outrageous, we were doing it very aesthetically. But these men were a frustrated lot and couldn’t take the heat. They only saw nudity … The whole group of men suddenly started feeling ignored and began creating a scene. They did manage to scare me when they started to politicize the issue and scream communal slogans. That was when we had to stop the shoot.

While the shoot ended abruptly, they magazine was apparently able to get enough photos before things got out of hand, and plan to go ahead with the issue, which will be on stands next week. Which, I’m sure, most of those men will still buy.