“Girls With Slingshots” explores a lesbian relationship

Let me put it to you plainly: I am in love with Danielle Corsetto‘s “Girls With Slingshots,”a webcomic about two best friends, Jamie and Hazel, trying to navigate post-college life — and all the breakups, makeups, sex, booze and talking cacti that come along with it. (Yes, I said “cacti” as in “cactus-es.” His name is McPedro. He’s Irish.)

It’s not easy to draw a four-panel, character-driven strip for four years without it becoming an insipid running gag, but Corsetto has done it. Her characters are organic and three-dimensional, and it’s never more obvious than in a recent story-arc where the buxom and irreverent Jamie finds herself falling in love with another woman.

At first Jamie tries to hide her relationship from her best friend, Hazel, but when Hazel finally corners her and asks, “Who is he?” Jamie confesses. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as planned.

Hazel decides to enlist some help to spy on Jamie. She wants to know everything she can about this “Aaron.”

Ultimately, Hazel decides to force the issue and invite Jamie on a double date. Erin shows up in a bowler hat and fake mustache, trying to pass herself off as a dude. Obviously, it’s a bust. Jamie is worried that Hazel is going to be furious with her, but really she just wants her best friend back.

Later on in the arc, Jamie is confronted with a strange reality. She is still attracted to men, but she’s in love with Erin. She doesn’t want to label herself as a lesbian, or even as bisexual, so she breaks down and asks Erin what they are, exactly?

Sweet, right? The story seems far from over. I hope Corsetto continues to explore Erin’s fluid sexuality, and her relationship with Jamie.

You can get to know the entire cast of Girls with Slingshots at their site. Or, if you just want to begin with Jamie and Erin’s relationship, that starts here.

Corsetto runs her own Etsy shop as well, where she sells copies of the card Hazel gave to Jamie to congratulate her on falling in love with a woman.

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