Portia de Rossi plans to pen a memoir

According to the New York Observer, a memoir from Portia de Rossi is in the works. So, it looks like Ellen won’t be the only published author in the power couple.

Apparently, a head of William Morris Endeavor has already begun sending out proposals from Portia to book editors, including a writing sample relating to her highly-publicized battle with anorexia, which was at its worst during her Ally McBeal days.

Obviously, this is exciting news, as most of us would be interested in learning more about Portia’s life pre-Ellen (and, yeah, we want to know all about her life now, too). After all, she was voted No. 1 on this year’s Hot 100. However, it’s sort of nice to know that someone as high-profile as Portia has to actually put work into getting a book deal.

Even though we’d still probably read her just talking about her morning routines with her wife (breakfast? a workout? which paper do they read?), it’ll be much more interesting to actually get to “know” Portia from her own words, rather than just hearsay. Like, how does she feel to be voted No. 1 on AfterEllen.com’s Hot 100 list? Kidding! (Sort of.)

Her childhood, when she was still just Amanda Lee Rogers in Australia, is largely a mystery, as is her first marriage — to a man (documentary filmmaker Mel Metcalfe). OK, maybe we don’t care so much about that last one. But, all jokes aside, a memoir from one of the most widely known and respected out lesbians can only be good, especially in terms of visibility for our community.

Also, Portia has mentioned her struggle with coming to terms with her sexuality, so her perspective on that, and being a young lesbian in the closet, will surely be helpful to young readers.

What would you be most interested to read about Portia’s life?