Yo Majesty’s Shunda K goes it alone

I’m quite an impatient girl, so I can sympathize with out rapper Shunda K’s current plight. Recently dropped from her label, Domino Records, after the split of her trio Yo Majesty, Ms. K went rogue on the campaign trail, releasing two mega mixes by herself, for free, pretty much before the ink dried on the exit contracts. Why? Because she wanted to!

“Domino didn’t move quickly enough for me!” Shunda K said in a press release. Do you see my fist pumping in the air in the “You go girl!” manner?

In a true embodiment of her notorious outspoken nature, Shunda’s making the most of her newfound freedom via 42 new tracks. This is a massive gain for her diehard supporters, because now I have 42 reasons to write to you. Divvied up into two aptly named mixes — Best Eva Written and Kollaborations — Shunda’s standing true to her convictions, which should come to no surprise, being she’s stood true to herself even amidst her staunch religious upbringing.

“I’ve been da outcast all my damn life,” Shunda said. “Being gay and being raised in a religious household is not a great match. It’s God hisself [sic] dats blessing me with everything I have, from da knowledge to da wisdom, to da woman in my life & my career!!! Religious views aside, I hope anyone can relate to standing for what they believe in despite any obvious, societal roadblocks that come our way.

Best Eva Written Mixtape is actually the beginning of a series. This first installation of her thematic series juxtaposes societal concepts with wordplay, rapping over Outkast-esqe instrumentals while waxing philosophical about being a societal — pardon the pun — outcast. Twenty new tracks hosted by France’s DJ Keshkoon, it’s downloadable for you right here.

Kollaborations is just that, a mix of her 22 most fabulous collaborations with artists such as artists such as Peaches and Cindy Wonderful of Scream Club, as well as several more.

Will you be following Shunda K’s career?