The Closet: Everything Coming Out This Week (March 15 – 21)

After what seems like years of hype, both The Runaways and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo land in theaters this weekend. If that’s not good enough news, consider this: American Idol finally has its top 12 contestants! Don’t worry, though — Ellen is still going to be on TV eight times. Oprah is re-airing the interview with her and Portia.

Here’s everything else going down this week!



House (Fox, 8:00) — Bisexual super doctor Thirteen tries to help the team determine the cause of a high school student’s blackouts and seizures.

24 (Fox, 9:00)Cherry Jones stars as President Taylor.

Ellen and Portia on Oprah — Oprah is re-airing her interview with the world’s most famous lesbian couple. If you didn’t see it the first time around, this is your chance!


American Idol (Fox, 8:00)Ellen DeGeneres and the other Idol judges critique the top 12 contestants (finally!).

90210 (CW, 8:00) — Adrianna and Gia’s "friendship" continues to develop when the two throw a pity party for themselves after Adrianna has a disastrous shopping trip in the Palisades.

Melrose Place (CW, 9:00) — Bisexual publicist Ella is still pining after Jonah, and making demands that push him farther away. (Fine by us.)

Biggest Loser: Couples (NBC, 8:00)Jillian Michaels watches over the remaining couples as they try to cook healthy foods with only 12 ingredients.

Kristen Stewart on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC, 12:35 a.m.) — The star of The Runaways sits down with Fallon to talk about girls and guitars — two of our favorite topics!


American Idol (Fox, 9:00) — Results night!

The Real World: Washington DC (MTV, 10:00) — Just because it’s the finale doesn’t mean there will be any less drama! If you’re into The Real World, check out Grace Chu‘s interview with bisexual housemate Emily. [ Real World recaps]

Wanda Sykes on Lopez Tonight (11:00, TBS) — The out comic talks about her late night show, her sitcom, and her wife and kids.

Dakota Fanning on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC, 12:35 a.m.) — We’re betting on Runaways talk, but no beer pong.


FlashForward (ABC, 8:00) — Lesbian FBI agent Janis is finally back with a two-hour episode. Show creators are promising to answer at least a few space-time questions before they bombard us with anymore. Hey, I have a question: when does Janis get to go on another date?

Skins (Britain’s E4, 10:00 GMT) — The final episode of this generation features plenty of Naomily. In fact, half of the episode takes place in Naomi’s bedroom and living room. [ Skins recaps]


Caprica (SyFy, 9:00) — Bisexual headmistress Clarice Willow and Amanda got crazy close — like face-caressing close — on last week’s episode. There are only two eps left before the mid-season hiatus. [ Caprica recaps]


VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown hosted by Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning (VH1, 9:00 a.m.) — They have a movie coming out: The Runaways. Maybe you’ve heard of it. 

The Wanda Sykes Show (Fox, 11:00) — Wanda is all new with political and social commentary.

Survivors (BBC America, 9:00) — Lesbian doctor Anya has no use for the religious mumbo-jumbo a traveling preacher tosses out at the survivors’ house.


The Amazing Race (CBS, 8:00) — Lesbian couple Carol and Brandy made it through the WWI reenactment in France, even though Brandy was very clear that mucking it through trenches was not her idea of a good time. Can they make it through another leg of the Race, and not kill one another? [ Amazing Race recaps]

Desperate Housewives (ABC, 9:00)  — Katherine comes out of the closet. [ Desperate Housewives recaps]


The Rachel Maddow Show, week nights at 9:00 on MSNBC. [’s Rachel Watch]

Issues with Jane Valez-Mitchell, nightly at 7:00 on CNN’s Headline News.

The Suze Orman Show, Saturdays at 5 a.m., 9 p.m., and 12 a.m. on CNBC.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, daytime weekdays.


The Runaways, in theaters Friday (limited release) — The much-hyped biopic starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning is finally here. [ Runaways review]

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, in theaters Friday — Based on Stieg Larsson’s Milleniuium trilogy, the story follows bisexual super-genius Lisbeth Salander as she sets out to solve a murder-mystery. [ Girl with the Dragon Tattoo review]


Angelus #3, on stands Wednesday — Lesbian superhero Angelus meets up with her eternal enemy, Darkness. The two have been opposed since the beginning of time!

What are you most looking forward to this week?