Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Medina, Mia Borders, Misnomers and more

Good afternoon kittens! It’s cold outside and it’s making it very difficult to want to eat the salad that I packed for lunch today instead of a bowl full of pasta. I am super pumped on the bands being featured in today’s segment of Weekly Women to Listen to, so get your clicking fingers ready to check out the goods on their band pages.

Dark Dark Dark

File Under: Gorgeous instrumentals only made more beautiful by frontwoman Nona Marie Invie’s fantastically emotive voice. This is fall music wrapped around you like a cable knit sweater.
From: Minneapolis
For Fans Of: Sharon Van Etten, Fiona Apple, First Aid Kit, dim lighting, stocking caps, shiraz, Scrabble.
Bonus: Well I’m an idiot and came up a day late in introducing their sophomore album, Wild Go to my lovelies here on AfterEllen. Go ahead and pick up a copy, and also enjoy their video for “Daydreaming."


File Under: Dance pop that slaps you across the face with its likability and better vocals than you get with the pop tartlets making the U.S. rounds these days.
From: Denmark
For Fans Of: Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, hitting the dance floor and not being afraid to shake it without a partner, strappy dresses, the elliptical.
Bonus: This artist came to my attention thanks to reader Spikey, who sent me the beautiful video for her hit song, “You and I," which features gay, lesbian and straight couples being lovey dovey.

Love Like Fire

File Under: Indie rock that will wind you down after a night out or put you in the mood for spooning.
From: California
For Fans Of: Stars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps," vinyl, The Kills, crunchy guitar, Lucky Charms cereal.
Bonus: Lead singer, Ann Yu started a dreamy electro-pop side project called Silver Swans which is also ear-worthy. You can download their first single, “Secrets," for free at

Emilie Simon

File Under: Pop music that calls upon influences from trip-hop and an all-night smoke-free cabaret.
From: New York via France
For Fans Of: Tori Amos, La Roux, Brazilian Girls, Citizen Kane
Bonus: She’s as beautiful as she is experimental. Thanks for the introduction Cactus Flower!