Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Ladyhawke, Kap Bambino, Gold Motel and more

I’m still sick and my dogs are insisting on taking their wrestling matches directly onto my feet so that one or both of them can chew on my toes as they flip each other over. In the interest of getting myself better, I’m not sure if I need raging music to beat the crap out of this illness or if I need some soft soothing tones to lull me to sleep like some good old-fashioned Nyquil. Thus, today’s list of women to listen to will be a mixture of both.

Kap Bambino

File Under: An electroclash fueled step-aerobics class that leads into mixed martial arts fighting.

From: London

For Fans Of: Heartsrevolution, Crystal Castles, skinny jeans with long tank tops, Adult., Red Bull.

Bonus: Their new album just came on in Sepetmber, so you’re not too far behind! Here’s a free download of their jam, "New Breath."

Gold Motel

File Under: California sun-soaked ballads with a bit of ’60s Detroit charm for good measure.

From: L.A. via Chicago

For Fans Of: Vampire Weekend, The Like, sprinkles, jelly shoes, The Hush Sound, fruit-flavored yogurt.

Bonus: If you’re into their first E.P., you’ll be happy to know their forthcoming album, Talking Fiction, will be out later this month.

Coeur de Pirate

File Under: Beautiful pop balladry with a playful innocence

From: Montreal

For Fans Of: Falling in love at first sight, Lykke Li, A Fine Frenzy, piano, feeling the sun shining on your face

Bonus: Here’s a download of her shiny happy "Printemps," courtesy of All Things Go.

Rosie Thomas

File Under: Lovely singer/songwriter piano and guitar pieces based on nostalgia and reminiscing on the past

From: Detroit

For Fans Of: Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, Sarah McLachlan, rich desserts, Sufjan Stevens, needlepoint.

Bonus: For cover song fans, Thomas has a pretty great version of R.E.M’s "The One I Love."

Rah Digga

File Under: Raw hip hop with all the right curves

From: New Jersey

For Fans Of: MC Lyte, Psalm One, KRS-One, Frank’s red hot sauce

Bonus: Rah is giving away a free download (one clean and one ridin’ dirty) at her website.