Your Gay Fall Book Guide: Books By and About Lesbians

This autumn, we’re lucky enough to have several different books to choose from for our lesbian reading lists. From a series of essays from a butch storyteller to a Booker Prize nominee, there is more than enough to keep you satiated this season.

Who wrote it: Lesbian poet and novelist Eileen Myles
Why you should read it: It’s a well-written portrait of a lesbian trying to live as an artist in New York City during the 1970s.
Who will like it: Fans of Diane di Prima‘s work, Michelle Tea‘s Valencia and Sarah Schulman‘s Girls, Visions and Everything.

Who wrote it: Butch storyteller and performance artist Ivan E. Coyote
Why you should read it: The book is comprised of essays on being a butch, being in a relationship, and being a good person. It’s a quick read with lots to say.
Who will like it: Queer people of all kinds; people who come from small towns; Canadians; traveling bards.

Who wrote it: Actress Portia Degeneres
Why you should read it: It’s a no-holdes-barred look into Portia’s mind at the beginning of her career when her sexuality and her eating disorder were well-kept secrets.
Who will like it: Closeted women; Ally McBeal fans; public figures who have something to hide; people who have body dysmorphia or related disorders that are looking for relatable text to not feel so alone.