Kim Ann Foxman debuts the video for “Creature”

Sisters are seriously doing it for themselves. How many times have you been out dancing and the female-crooned songs have been sung by straight women? I’m not hating — I love them, but I always appreciate Goldfrapp and even the Gaga songs for having that queer lady edge to them.

Which brings to me to why I’m such a huge fan of Kim Ann Foxman. The out DJ and member of Hercules & Love Affair sang my favorite song, “Athena,” on Hercules’ debut album, and now she’s recording some tracks on her own. Her new video for the single “Creature” is fiercely queer and cool, and I hope my local DJs pick up on it for parties and clubs. I’d also dig the video on mute, to be honest, ‘cuz KAF is a looker.

And if you’ve never read her cover story interview with Girls Like Us, I highly recommend it.

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