Your Weekly Women to Listen To: The Zeebs, Billie Holiday, Da Endorphine and more

If you’re like me, you’ve got a massive case of vacationitis and you just can’t wait to turn off your computer, get home, eat everything in sight and maybe, just maybe, brave the weather in order to see some of your loved ones. The only thing helping my countdown to a few extra days off of work, is listening to some excellent music from some of my old favorites and learning about new ones.

Billie Holiday

File Under: One of the greatest jazz and blues artists to ever grace the earth.
From: Philly
For Fans of: Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, pouring your heart and soul out into words after having a cocktail or five, dinner parties, classic cinema.
Bonus: It is widely believed that Lady Day changed the way pop music has been made ever since she stepped into the recording booth.

Agent Ribbons

File Under: Austin surf rock perfect for scoring the next Grindhouse film.
From: Austin, Texas
For Fans of: The White Stripes, Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls, a bit of PJ Harvey (the fact that I put my PJ on here is a testament to the fact that I love this band now), Neko Case, candles for lighting, cafes as a method of meeting people, dark rich colors.
Bonus: Here’s a download of their single, “I’m Alright.” (Hat tip to AE reader Lulu for the great suggestion!)

Tori Amos

File Under: Sensory overload for your ballad-loving soul and a very lucky piano bench.
From: Born in North Carolina mostly raised in Maryland
For Fans of: Heavy piano-driven ballads, epic lyricism, PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, deep red fingernails and lips, candelabras, music dripping with sexuality.
Bonus: For concert-goers, a Tori Amos concert is one of the best shows you’ll experience. Audiences go silent to listen to her sing and watch her writhe all over her piano bench.

Christina Perri

File Under: Pop rock with a mature innocence
From: Philly
For Fans of: Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, KT Tunstall, knit hats and gloves, cowboy boots with dresses.
Bonus: Perri was first discovered when her song “Jar of Hearts” was used in a piece of choreography on So You Think You Can Dance. Viewers loved the song so much, they asked her to come back and perform it live.

K. Flay

File Under: Booty bumping beats and some hot mic spitting
From: San Fran
For Fans of: Lady Sovereign, MC Lars, Esser, Kid Sister, sneakers (in general), Walgreens stocking caps.
Bonus: Homegirl is giving away a free download of her track “2 Weak.”