Bad movies I love and other embarrassing confessions

With the writers strike on
the verge of pushing some of my favorite shows into repeats and the
holidays fast approaching, I’m relying on my security blanket to keep
me warm during the cold, hopefully not-too-long, new-episode-free nights.
While globalgrrl gave you her picks yesterday for desert island TV, I’ve got some movie picks to help
soothe the pain of reruns run amok that could be our future. It’s my
guilty pleasure movie collection.

‘s writers confessed

their not-ready-for-the-Oscars list of favorites yesterday. And I’ve
got mine today. Sure, these movies aren’t award winners or, in some
cases, even all that good. But every time they come on (or every time
I pop the DVD in … hey, I’m not proud), I can’t help but watch.

Girls Just Want to
Have Fun
: I love this movie. Love it. The dancing. The hairstyles.
The DayGlo. It’s, like, totally awesome. I can still sing “Dancing
in Heaven” from the final dance scene by heart. Plus, how can you
beat seeing a young Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt and

Shannen Doherty together in one film? Like I said, totally awesome.

Go Fish (1994): Yes,
the acting is painful. Yes, the cinematography is amateurish. Yes, the
headgear is atrocious. Who cares? It’s still the first-ever lesbian
film I went specifically to the video store to rent. How can you forget
your first?

The Cutting Edge (1992):
Toe pick! This movie combined three things I loved in high school: Ice
skating, the Olympics and a spunky heroine.

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003):
So there is nothing truly terrible about this film, but it’s not really
great. Still, I’ve watched it close to a dozen times and pop it in any
time I feel a little dreamy. It combines three things I love as an adult:
Tuscany, food and Sandra Oh.

James Bond movie
: I shouldn’t like these movies, what
with their misogyny and chauvinism, but I can’t help it. I’m a sucker
for cool, calm and collected … and a nice tuxedo. Now if only Ursula
were wearing the tux.

OK, I’ve shown you my embarrassing
movie favorites; now you show me yours. Don’t be shy. No one will judge
you here … much.