Sigourney Weaver: still more aliens, “Avatar”-style

Whether or not Vantage Point

turns out to be a good movie, it’s already a winner in my book. Not
just because I like thrillers, which I do, but because of the promotional
interviews from its beautiful star.

As scribegrrrl told
us a few weeks
ago, Sigourney Weaver plays a TV producer named Rex Brooks. Weaver
told Good Morning America that the part originally was written
for a man and she thought keeping the name “Rex” was cool.
She was right.

That picture has nothing to
do with Vantage Point and isn’t from a recent interview. Do you

Weaver doesn’t have a lot of
screen time in Vantage Point, but her interviews have revealed
a bit more about her upcoming role in James Cameron‘s film, Avatar, in which she plays the female lead,
Grace. The film marks her first action film in 10 years. I think we
all remember the last one.

Cameron wrote and directed
, the second movie in the series, so Avatar

has been something of a reunion for him and Weaver. Although she can’t
reveal details of the story or characters, she told

that it’s unlike anything we’ve seen.

“It’s gonna blow the
mind of this industry, I think. It’s gonna be an experience for people.
I don’t think they’re going to want to come out of the theater. I think
kids will want to stay in the theater with their sleeping bags so they
don’t have to go out into the real world.”

Well, the thought of seeing
Sigourney in action again does bring thoughts of a sleepover. But I digress.

Avatar does, in fact,
feature aliens — a humanoid race called the Na’vi, native to the planet
Pandora, the setting of the film. An image purported to be concept art
of the Na’vi appeared on the Web in the fall.

Cameron called the image “spurious,” but Fox promptly
issued cease-and-desist letters to many of the sites that initially
posted it. Something definitely sounds spurious to me. I think Weaver
agrees (unless she’s doing her Joyce Wischnia impression).

Another image leaked this week — possibly a promotional
shot for Avatar.

Cameron’s denial of the picture’s
authenticity is not too convincing, but if you want to read it, here’s the link.

What I’d really like to see
is a picture of Weaver’s character. Weaver describes Grace as having “beautiful, bright
red hair and big eyelashes. No makeup. She’s a scientist and she’s an
attractive woman who has given up normal life to devote herself to this
planet and fight this fight.” (Were a political
site, I would now segue into an opinion about another attractive woman
who has given up normal life to devote herself to this planet and fight
this fight. Instead, I’ll just post another picture of Sigourney.)

Cameron has promised that March will bring character pictures,
a new poster and possibly some footage. May I suggest that it include
all of the wonderful women of Avatar?