Karey Dornetto on writing “Addicted to Fresno” and pairing Natasha Lyonne with Aubrey Plaza

Karey Dornetto has written on several of television’s best comedies, from South Park to Community to Portlandia, and her first screenplay has turned into a hilarious film starring Natasha LyonneJudy Greer and Aubrey Plaza. Addicted to Fresno, directed by Jamie Babbit, follows a pair of sisters as they try to figure out how to dispose of a body while also making time for important things like sex, romance and not killing each other.


We talked with Karey at the Addicted to Fresno screening at Outfest last Friday, where she told us the inspiration for writing the film and how the perfect cast came into place.

Addicted to Fresno will be available on VOD on September 1 and in select theaters beginning October 2.

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