Ellen gets a starring role as Mother Nature

When I bumped into a shelf on a recent trip to Blockbuster, a Mr. Wrong DVD fell at my feet, and I thought to myself, “Ellen has got to do another movie to make up for this.” And lo, the Hollywood Reporter says she has now signed on with Walden Media to play Mother Nature in her first live-action film in 10 years.

The movie doesn’t have a title yet, but the script is being written by Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jenny Bicks of Men in Trees and Sex and the City fame.

In the film, Mother Nature will return to earth for the first time since she created it. (What a shocker that will be, huh? “What the heck is a Starbucks, and why has it replaced all the trees I made?”) Of the role, Ellen said, “I’ve always wanted to control the weather. Nothing will stop me from doing this … neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet. … I may be thinking of the postal service, but I’m really excited about the movie.”

After The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Walden Media has become one of the most successful family-friendly studios in Hollywood. CEO Michael Bostick said, “We are thrilled to be working with such a beloved entertainer. The project is designed to capitalize on Ellen’s unique voice, her skills as a physical comedienne, and her ability to connect with an audience.”

He’s right about the “beloved” part. There’s maybe no better adored character than Finding Nemo‘s Dory in the whole animated movie canon.

Walden Media hopes to film the movie this summer, during The Ellen Show‘s hiatus.

Would you watch Ellen as Mother Nature in a family-friendly live-action film?