The “Sex and the City” sequel will come out next spring

Sex addicts, get ready for round two: The sequel to the wildly successful Sex and the City movie will be here before you know it.

New Line Cinema announced the movie will hit theaters on May 28, 2010, which gives us plenty of time to circulate some cast and plot rumors. While Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, Kristen Davis and director/writer Michael Patrick King are all aboard, word is Chris Noth’s Mr. Big is having commitment issues yet again — this time negotiating his paycheck.

I’m pretty confident they will work that out, considering the first movie raked in nearly $56 million on opening weekend alone. Jennifer Hudson, who played Carrie’s assistant Louise in the first movie, is also anxious to get on board.

“I would love [to play Louise again],” she told Access Hollywood, “I told Michael Patrick King, I said that Louise has moved back to New York from St. Louis, so … I’ll be ready if that opportunity comes.”

Even Carrie’s long lost ex Aiden Shaw wouldn’t mind popping in.

“If something came my way, I’d jump on it. But I think Aidan’s come and gone from that show,” John Corbett said in an Access Hollywood interview. “I think it’s really more about the girls and Carrie and Big now, so I don’t think there’s a place for him in there.”

True that, Mr. Corbett — it has always been about the girls. While I couldn’t help but be a little pissed off at Big’s stunt and Carrie’s willingness to deal with it yet again in the last movie, I hope this time Big (if his scheduling/paycheck issues get sorted out) can leave the commitment-phobia behind. You know, being married and all.

Thankfully, Parker told MTV that a baby would not likely be on the way for Mr. and Ms. Big:

[Motherhood] doesn’t seem as if that’s going to be a choice she’ll make. It feels a little bit manipulative to toss that into the mix because she seems so pointed in a different direction.

Phew — but what else will happen with our favorite New York foursome? While more fashion, man drama and hilarious brunch-time conversations are to be expected, some Manolo might be missing.

Parker told Access Hollywood they were working to make the film more “recession friendly.”

There is a lot that we have to think about because times are very different.

What would you like to see in the Sex and the City sequel? I mean, other than the obvious: Miranda taking a girl on the side. Hey, she did say she wanted to have “more fun” this time around.