Morning Brew – Tig Notaro shares the names of her new baby twins on “Ellen”

Good morning! Did you binge-watch Orange is the New Black all weekend? I just finished it last night and I’m still processing.

If you are caught up, though, you can read this chat with Laura Prepon. Here’s something not too spoilery about Pipex:

Honestly, I love all their scenes together. I love the crazy library scenes from season three and I love scenes where she and I are just hanging out and talking and whatever, so it depends. Taylor and I just have great chemistry so I love when they do scenes together. In season three, there was so much of that tumultuous tension, especially in the beginning of the season with the hate-sex and all of that, but then this season when they’re together, it’s more because they need each other. They’re always going to have a tumultuous relationship no matter what, that’s just the way they are.

You can seriously only read this Vanity Fair piece if you’ve watched it all. Same goes with this EW interview with Samira Wiley. And this one with Natasha Lyonne.

Kristen Stewart spent Father’s Day with her dad and girlfriend.

Tig Notaro talked about her new memoir with Ellen DeGeneres on her show last week, as well as the twin babies, Max and Finn, she and Stephanie are about to have via surrogate.

At Forward: The Black Lesbian Vegan Who Wants To Change Everything You Ever Thought About Rabbis. We see you, Sandra Lawson!

Michelle Tea and her partner are in a new BuzzFeed video about being gender non-conforming parents. A lot of conservative Christian sites are pissed about it.

The Daily Bruin celebrates feminist lesbian theater professor Sue-Ellen Case who is retiring after years of teaching at UCLA.

An Aussie woman writes about why she loves identifying as queer.

Bisexual author Laura Lam talks about her work with The National.

On bisexuality on television.

Shape answers what your same-sex girl-girl dream says about your sexuality.

NPR’s Code Switch had a live Facebook chat about LGBT identity with Sarah Blagucki of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association.

This piece on real women Ghostbusters includes Ranae Holland of Finding Bigfoot.

Speaking of Ghostbusters, the cast answers a few burning questions for EW.

A bisexual woman has some real talk for her her brother-in-law preacher who is preaching anti-LGBT rhetoric.

Legendary bisexual author Michelle Cliff has passed away. She was 69. If you haven’t read her work, I highly suggest it.

Zoie Palmer is back in Season 2 of Dark Matter on SyFy.

Chapstick is a web series you might find relevant to your interests.

The Times of Israel loves the coming-of-age lesbian-themed Barash as much as we did.

At Flavorwire: 10 Essential Lesbian Vampire Films.

Filmmaker Chitra Palekar is the proud mama of a lesbian daughter.

So many Broadway faves are singing “What the World Needs Now” for Orlando. You can download it here.

Evan Rachel Wood stars in Westworld, which HBO is finally releasing in October.

Today in Lesbianish TV:

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (rerun)

The Steve Harvey Show – Guest: Ellen DeGeneres
Good Morning America (ABC 7 a.m.) – Guests: The cast of Orange Is the New Black

Supernatural “Pac-Man Fever” (TNT 9 a.m.) (rerun)

(Showtime 10 a.m.)

Saturday Night Live (Comedy Central 10:18 a.m./11:24 a.m.) (rerun)
The View (ABC 11 a.m.) – Guest: Laura Prepon

Grey’s Anatomy “Wish You Were Here” (Lifetime 12 p.m.) (rerun)

Steven Universe (Cartoon 12 p.m.) (rerun)
White Collar marathon (Universal HD 12 p.m., 3 a.m.)

Archer marathon (Comedy Central 12:31 p.m.)
How I Met Your Mother “Band or DJ?” (FX 1:30 p.m.) (rerun)
The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.) – Guest co-host: Ireland Baldwin

General Hospital (ABC 2 p.m.)

Ellen (Laff 3 p.m./3:30 p.m., 5 a.m./5:30 a.m.) (rerun)

Clarence (Cartoon 3 p.m./3:30 p.m.) (rerun)
Yard Crashers “Modern Rustic Outdoor Dining” (DIY 3:30 p.m.) (rerun)

The Nanny “The Rosie Show” (Logo 5:29 p.m., 3 a.m.) (rerun)
The Best Thing I Ever Made “Family Recipes” (Cooking Channel 6 p.m.) (rerun)

Last Man Standing “Restaurant Opening” (CMT 6 p.m.) (rerun)
The Best Thing I Ever Ate “On a Stick” (Cooking Channel 7 p.m.) (rerun)

Vanishing of the Bees (Pivot 7 p.m.) – Narrated by Ellen Page

(HBO 7:15 p.m.)
The Fosters “Potential Energy” (Freeform 8 p.m.)

Veep “Kissing Your Sister” (HBO2 8 p.m.)

Set It Off (BET 8 p.m.)

(Centric 8 p.m.)
The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.)

Black Ink Crew “Inside Hands” (VH1 9 p.m.)

Suited (HBO 9 p.m.)
Scream: The TV Series “Happy Birthday to Me” (MTV 11:01 p.m.)

Saturday Night Live (Comedy Central 3:10 a.m.) (rerun)

A Family Is a Family (HBO Family 5:20 a.m.)

Buffy “Homecoming” (Pivot 6 a.m.) (rerun)
Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia (HBO Zone 6:05 a.m.)

The Children’s Hour (MGM 7:40 a.m.)
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