Actress Briana Evigan on her two recent queer roles and ideas on shifting sexuality

Briana Evigan might be best known for her starring role in two of the Step Up dance film series and for a slew of horror movies that followed, but it seems she’s found an even better fit now: playing queer.

BODY At The ESPYs Pre-PartyPhoto by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

In Love Is All You Need? that’s a little complicated, as director Kim Rocco Shields’ fictional world imagines gays and lesbians as the norm and straight people as the social pariahs. Briana plays Jude, her school’s star quarterback and arm candy to cheerleader girlfriend Kelly (Emily Osment). But when Jude finds herself falling for a dude, all hell breaks loose in her world.

By contrast, reality’s not all that altered in director Patrick Chapman’s ToY. Briana plays an addict artist with money to spare who falls for an older sex worker named Kat (Kerry Norton). Although very different, both roles are dear to her.

Briana recently took the time to chat with us about how and why she got involved with both projects, what she knows and/or thinks about where her characters fall on the sexuality spectrum, what’s next for her and more. You’re a woman of three loves: acting, dancing and singing. How do each of these factor into your life right now and which one’s taking precedence at the moment?

Briana Evigan: Definitely the acting. I really didn’t know that I wanted to do it, so it was cool–it kind of felt like it found me. It’s just like all I want to do all the time now. I love sharing stories and I love doing character work. I would love to do a lot more character work than I’ve done so far. But that’s definitely the priority right now.

I did just actually have a music session. We did some writing. So I’m still doing that. Would maybe love to play like some small local shows. Something intimate, nothing crazy. Maybe get some songs in some soundtrack-type stuff. And as for the dancing, I’m not doing it anymore. I haven’t been doing it for a really, really long time. I actually got into fight training instead for the last five years.


AE: For the right movie, would you get back into dance? Even though it’s a different type of dance, I’m thinking along the lines of a Black Swan.

BE: Absolutely. Absolutely.