The Best Lesbian Movies Streaming on Hulu Now

Young adult female watching tv at night

Tired of sifting through the nonsense to find some lesbian movies to watch? We got your back, sis. Check out our list of movies streaming on Hulu now.

All About E

A lesbian DJ, E, and her gay best friend are forced to go on the run when E finds a ton of cash. But with nowhere else to run, E heads to the Australian outback right into the arms of her ex-girlfriend. Read our review.


Joey joins the army as a way to get out of her small town. but things don’t go as planned when she falls in love with a house wife. But we warned, you might go AWOL yourself when you realize this movie won’t have a great ending for Joey. Read our take.

First Girl I Loved

High school student Anna falls in love with the star of the softball team, Sasha. But when Anne tells her best friend Clifton, his jealously makes her life miserable. Watch if you are interested in what Sundance considers a winning film. Avoid if you’re tired of men forcing themselves on lesbians and if you can’t bother with a lame ending. Read our take.

The Girl King

This biographical movie tells the story of Sweden’s Queen Kristina. She ascended the throne at age 6 and must juggle running her country, pressure to produce an heir, and her love affair with her lady-in-waiting.

Liz in September

Notorious womanizer Liz heads to the Caribbean to celebrate her birthday with friends. But this year is different when she falls for Eva, a distraught woman who has got way too much on her mind. But Liz has a secret of her own. Watch if you had a crush on Anck-su-namun from The Mummy. Avoid if you’re tired of lesbians dying in the end. We interview the filmmakers here.

Vita and Virginia

This biographical movie tells the story of Virginia Woolf’s love affair with the woman who inspired one of Woolf’s greatest works, Vita Sackville-West. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of period pieces.


Best friends Amy and Molly are about to graduate high school when they realize they didn’t have as much fun as they could have. Amy, an out lesbian, has a crush on popular girl Ryan. But things don’t go as she hoped. Or do they? When she ends up hooking up with a girl named Hope.

Wild Nights with Emily

This humorous take on Emily Dickinson’s life focuses on her love affair with Susan Gilbert. Despite attempts to make it seem like her poems were written to a man, the truth is revealed. We all knew she was a lesbian, right? Read our review here and an interview with the director here.


Thelma, a shy young woman, leaves her small town and religious family to study in Oslo. She experiences a violent seizure which seems to trigger supernatural powers. So not only does she struggle with living in the city, her university classes, and these powers, she also juggles her feelings for one of her classmates.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Do you really need a summary of this movie? It’s all any lesbian talked about in the past year. Just in case you haven’t heard, set in 18th century France, Marianne is commissioned to do Heloise’s wedding portrait. But, the more time they spend together, the closer they become.

Elena Undone

Elena Winters, a pastor’s wife, randomly meets Peyton Lombard, a lesbian writer. They instantly feel drawn to each other, and you can tell where this is going. This movie was loosely based on writer and director Nicole Conn’s romance with Marina Rice.