“Skins: The Movie” could be in theaters soon

Question: Would you like to see this scene blown up onto a 30-foot by 70-foot screen?

Actually, hang on: Britain gave us this teenage supercouple, the least I can do is de-Americanize my measurements. How about this: Would you like to see this scene blown up onto a 9-meter by 21-meter screen?

If you answered “yes” (and if not, what’s wrong with you?), we have some good news. The Guardian reports that a Skins spin-off movie may be on the way, with a Skins-themed novel coming right behind it.

Hoping to capitalize on the recent Bafta People’s Choice Award win, Channel 4 has entered preliminary talks to bring the show to theaters. (Also, they were probably so impressed with Naomily’s individual showings on the AfterEllen.com Hot 100 that they realized the time for teenage lesbians and bisexuals on the big screen is now!)

In the current economic climate, it’s a dicey move to convert a TV-sized teen drama into a big screen production, but Skins is no stranger to taking risks. The show practically changed its entire cast between the second and third series, a move that paid off exponentially in viewership.

Co-creator Brian Elsley said the change was about authenticity: “Our brand values are about staying close to the audience and selecting the right storylines for them. We’re about letting our audience feel they are not alone.”

Naomi and Emily’s relationship on the show is a perfect example of the kind of organic, inclusive writing that Elsey is talking about.

The Skins film will most likely be set after the fourth series, which starts filming this summer, and will be broadcast early next year. Would you make the leap from TV to big screen to see your favorite lesbian/bisexual teens?