An excerpt from Jenni Olson’s “The Royal Road”

The following is an excerpt from the script of Jenni Olson‘s new film “The Royal Road.”

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Growing up in the Midwest as a gender dysphoric tomboy—watching movies was a cherished relief from the awkward realities of daily life. Emulating the actors in my favorite classic Hollywood films, I happily acquired a new borrowed masculine persona.

Experiencing myself as a fictional character has been a mode of survival for me ever since.


Picture two beautiful women: One in Los Angeles, and one in San Francisco.

You know, Casanova had a girl in every port across Europe.

Of course, he actually had them.

Film Still THE ROYAL ROAD - Courtesy of Wolfe Video

1. My Hollywood Love Story

Juliet had everything I thought I wanted. She was smart, beautiful, funny… sexy. We flirted like crazy. But nothing more. That delimited intrigue was all she seemed to want—a protracted, and in a certain way satisfying, unconsummated flirtation. Did I mention she was also in a relationship, lived 600 miles away, and had even more intimacy issues than I do.

Truth be told, this all suited me fine. It was another classic odyssey of unrequited desire. A pursuit I know to be futile from the start. And a certain sad anxiety where I fear losing her even though she has never been mine to lose.


Am I too available? I’m always so eager to spend time with her.

“I’ll drop everything for ten minutes in your presence,” I say—working the flirtatious melodrama for full effect when I call her.

I drop everything.

From my humble apartment in San Francisco’s Mission District to her sunny bungalow in Los Angeles, runs the oldest road in the State of California: El Camino Real. I will retrace the steps of the pioneering Spanish Colonial missionary Father Junipero Serra in reverse. I will follow the Royal Road to her door.

I decide to take the train.

Film Still THE ROYAL ROAD - Courtesy of Wolfe Video (2)

The Royal Road will be released world wide via Wolfe Video on September 6th on DVD / VOD, across all digital platforms including iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, and, and will also be available the same date in the U.S. and Canada on DVD via Wolfe Video and many major retailers.