Shamim Sarif wants Sienna Miller

The Telegraph is reporting that Sienna Miller may star in out writer/director Shamim Sarif‘s new film, Dreaming Spires. Sarif told the paper that she “would love” the blonde British actress to play the lead role in the movie, which is based on one of Sarif’s short story and is set to start filming next year.

“We need an English rose type,” Sarif said. “I would love if Sienna could play the role of the professor. That would be fantasic.”

The role is admittedly a pretty good one: A professor at Oxford University who is blinded in World War II. The Telegraph makes note that Miller is “being handed an unlikely opportunity to prove her credentials” by the possibility of playing such a part, which will be a far cry from the glammed-out role as Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl and Dylan Thomas’ wife in The Edge of Love.

Sarif co-wrote the 2007 Indian same-sex romance I Can’t Think Straight and last year’s Indian/South African drama, The World Unseen. Dreaming Spires will be her first non-lesbian-based film.

When the Telegraph asked who would play the role of the American male student Miller’s character falls in love with, she apparently laughed and said, “It’s not really my area.” She didn’t seem to have any problem picking her leading lady.

Do you think Sienna Miller would be a good pick for the professor in Sarif’s new film?