“The Art of Being Straight” takes to theaters in June

That Kinsey scale sure can be tricky, can’t it? In the new film The Art of Being Straight (love that title, BTW), the characters are forced to rethink their sexualities when they are face-to-face with others who seem much more sure of themselves.

Rachel Castillo plays a lesbian named Maddy, whose ex-boyfriend John moves to Los Angeles and is surprised to find out she now has a girlfriend named Anna. But John has bigger issues, as he isn’t sure of his own sexual orientation.

Maddy and Anna

Watch the trailer below:

It looks pretty scandalous to me, in the best of ways. I know a lot of people who don’t exactly fit into one little box when it comes to sexuality, like Tina when she was dating a man and still called herself a lesbian on The L Word.

It’s not always so black and white, and it looks like The Art of Being Straight isn’t afraid to explore what happens when you are open to experiencing what it is you’re really attracted to, sexually or otherwise.

The Art of Being Straight hits theaters for limited release on June 5. Does it look like something you’d want to see?