Movies About Lesbian and Bi Women to Stream on Amazon Prime

lesbian movies to stream on Amazon prime

It’s time to Amazon Prime and Chill… That’s what the kids say right? Anyone looking for media that focuses on ladies of the lesbian persuasion can tell you, there aren’t plenty of fish in the sea, but we got you a swimming pool.

The Date

Lizzy and Olivia are complete opposites in almost every sense. But they still swiped right. Opposites attract, right? Apparently so because the two hit it off, and now all they have to do is actually meet. This short is only 14 minutes long.

A Date for Mad Mary

After being released from prison, Mary tries to reconnect with old friends. If that wasn’t hard enough, she also looks for a date to her friend’s wedding. Not sure if you want to watch it? Check out our review.

Girl/Girl Scene the Movie

Lesbians just want o have fun. And fun will be had in this movie. What’s even better is all but one of the actresses is a lesbian or bisexual. When has that ever happened? Read our review on it here. 


Ronit returns to the strict Orthodox Jewish community where she grew up in London. She reconnects with Esti, and their love for one another becomes a radical act of defiance. Read our review here. But wait! There’s more! Read what the stars of the movie had to say about it when AE had a chance to catch up with them.

Saving Face

This movie is perhaps one of the most iconic lesbian rom-coms of all time. Then again, we only have about three lesbian rom-coms worth watching, so I’ll take what I can get. Chinese-American lesbian Wil and her mother struggle with their love lives that clash against cultural expectations. Luckily for you we not only have a review, but interviews with the writer and director, and the stars of the movie.

Tru Love

When a widow heads to the city to recover from losing her husband, she planned on spending time with her daughter. Instead, she connects with a lesbian who has Shane McCutcheon tendencies. Read our review if you’re on the fence about watching it.

Teresa and Allison

Teresa finds herself drawn to a world of inhumans. All the while, she’s tempted deeper into this world by the immortal Allison. But, she soon finds out that vampires are not all romance and elegant aesthetics.

Raven’s Touch

A remote cabin in the woods is a strange setting for a love story, but this is far from your typical romantic drama. Raven has shut herself away in the cabin after her niece’s death in a tragic car accident that she blames herself for. Meanwhile, Kate has taken her teenagers camping in order to escape a violent ex. When Raven and Kate meet, sparks fly and both women must overcome their own fears in order to be together.

City of Trees

A woman in her 20’s goes back to her hometown during the holidays. When unresolved feelings about her high school crush start bubbling up, she’s forced to deal with them. Watch this is you want some cute with minimal drama.


This documentary tells the story of two young women, Lori and Alana who find love online. Within a few weeks of knowing each other, Lori decides to donate her kidney to Alana. Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster if you decide to watch this.

The Guest House

Newly graduated Rachel returns home before leaving for college. At the same time, college grad Amy has come to stay in Rachel’s family’s guest house. You can pretty much guess how this one goes. Read our review.

Signature Move

Zaynab, a lawyer, decides to take up wrestling. In the process, she fall in love with Alma, whose mother is a former luchadora. If that wasn’t enough, Zaynab’s recently widowed mother has moved in and is desperately trying to find her daughter a husband. Check out our take.


Ruth works at AESOP, a company that has recently developed an end to the aging process, essentially eliminating death from old age. Not everyone can have this pill, though. And it’s Ruth’s job to decide who gets it and who doesn’t. Things get complicated when she falls in love with Marie… And finds out Marie isn’t eligible for the pill.

Late Bloomers (1996)

A high school girl’s basketball coach and the school’s secretary fall in love and cause an uproar in their community when they make their relationship public.

La Luciérnaga (The Firefly)

This Spanish language film tells the story of Lucia. When her estranged brother suddenly dies, she accidentally meets his fiancé, Mariana. As the women grieve together, they fall in love.

Watermelon Woman

Cheryl is a black lesbian working in a video store. She becomes interested in movies from the 1930’s that feature Black actresses, but she notices these women are often not credited in their roles. She sets out to make a documentary about one actress in particular who was credited as “Watermelon Woman.” She later finds out this woman’s name was Fae Richards and that she was a lesbian too. This movie is the first feature film directed by a Black lesbian.

Our Love Story

Yoon-ju, a fine arts graduate student, meets bartender Ji-joo while searching for material for her latest project. Surely enough, Yoon-ju falls for the bartender’s charms and they start dating.


Frankie, a struggling rock musician catches the eye of Nicolette, the daughter of the new mob boss. Unbeknownst to Frankie, she’s a suspect in the attempted murder of Nicolette’s father. So not only does she have to deal with her growing feelings for a woman, she also has to manage being tangled up in a murder plot. No big deal.


More Beautiful For Having Been Broken

After being suspended from her job, an FBI agent goes back to the small mountain town she used to frequent as a child. She befriends a boy with special needs and his mother. It doesn’t take for that friendship to develop into something more. This drama is directed by Nicole Conn, the same woman who gave us Elena Undone. And AE was lucky enough to talk to her about this movie and her other projects.