Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley tops Sci-Fi’s list of 25 Best Female Characters

Being a LesboGeek, I have some very definite opinions about Sci-Fi, especially when it comes to women. I have to say that this week’s list from Total Sci-Fi, The 25 Women Who Shook Sci-Fi, has a lot going for it. I mean, who can argue with this No. 1?

Ellen Ripley is my kind of alien fighter. And, as portrayed by Sigourney Weaver, she’s one of the toughest, most iconic characters in science fiction movie history. This is one franchise in which the main character grows with each sequel.

What you may not know is that Ripley originally was written as a man. (Can you imagine a man in that outfit? No, never mind. Don’t.) I think Alien would’ve faded into space without Weaver.

BTW, we learned this week that the rumored Alien “remake” actually will be a prequel. No word on the exact storyline, but speculation is that is will be an origin story with the events leading up to the first movie. Sighs of relief all around.

Back to the list: Buffy Summers certainly is one of my favorite TV characters, but I’m not sure why she’s No. 2 on this particular list.

Does vampire slaying have a scientific basis? I had no idea. In any case, Sarah Michelle Gellar made Buffy the kind of hero we still miss. Forget the remake of this one, too, people. Let perfection stand.

No argument here on No. 3, BSG’s Starbuck

Remember when Dirk Benedict played Starbuck in the original series? Yeah, me neither. Katee Sackoff is Starbuck. I love the complexity she brought to the character. I wish she had frakked happily-ever-after with a woman, but I know it’s just because she never met me.

Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) was such a sexy skeptic. She could shut Mulder down with a glance and got away with saying things like this to her superiors: “Save your own ass sir. You’ll save your head along with it.”


Scully kicked butt with her brain instead of her brawn. Ignoring the lame movie last year, Scully is a worthy No. 4.

Linda Hamilton will always be Sarah Connor to me.

To this day, looking at pictures of her from T2 send shivers down my spine. “Cut” doesn’t even begin to describe her rock-hard, totally sexy form.

But since this list is about characters, I must give a nod to Lena Headey for The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She definitely put a different spin on Sarah — and once I adjusted, I loved Headey in the role. (What a series finale, huh?)

Check out the other 20 at Total Sci-Fi’s website and let us know what you think. Who’s Number 1 in your list of women characters in Sci-Fi? Who is the most striking omission?