The Runaways film finds its Lita Ford

It’s all coming together — The Runaways film, Cherry Bomb, has found its next member: Lita Ford. 22-year-old television actress Alessandra Torresani has been cast as the enigmatic guitarist.

Torresani has appeared in several TV series, including E.R., Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Bones, so this role, alongside Kristen Stewart‘s Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning‘s Cherie Currie, will certainly be her biggest to date.

Torresani told the Examiner that she researched the band (who formed almost two decades before she was born) and watched a documentary to become more familiar with them and Lita herself.

“She’s the most incredible woman,” Torresani said of Ford. “I’m getting to meet her very soon, so that’ll be amazing. I’ll get to hear all her old stories.”

The young actress having just inked her contract is now on the fast track to learning the guitar and meeting her castmates, who she refers to as “kick-ass” and “good girls,” despite having not met them yet.

We start [filming] next week,” she told the Examiner. “Everything’s just coming together right now. I learn the guitar starting [Monday], so that’ll be interesting. I’m very nervous about it. I can fake [the guitar]. I can rock out. I’m a dancer, so I’ll fake it.”

OK, so it makes me a little nervous that she thinks dancing is going to make her a good guitar player (fake or otherwise), but if Lita is going to be hanging around the set, then she can show Alessandra how to make it look good.

“I’m just excited the movie is moving along. Rolling Stone reports that Stella Maeve will play drummer Sandy West, but there’s no word on who will be cast as any of the band’s rotating bassists (Micki Steele, Peggy Foster, Jackie Fox). But honestly, all I care about is one singular woman involved with this project, and that must be who Alessandra was talking about when she gushed about loving Twilight in the same interview.

“Who can’t love vampires, right?” she said. “And Robert [Pattinson], of course. Gorgeous!”

Uh, yeah he’s great and all, but what about your costar?

How do you feel about the casting of Alessandra Torresani as Lita Ford? Do you think she knows all the words to “Kiss Me Deadly”?