“Cracks”: Just another lesbian boarding school love story

There is just something about boarding school that lends itself to tortured tales of verboten lesbian love. It started 75 years ago with <ahref=”http:>Mädchen in Uniform, continued recently with Loving Annabelle, and will now carry on in the hands of Eva Green, with the fall release of Cracks.

Cracks is a beautiful, dark, intense story, and it’s quite a brave film,” Green told London’s Daily Mail recently.

Eva Green arrives at the BAFTA Awards

Set in 1934, Cracks tells the story of Miss G (Eva Green), an unconventional, universally-loved teacher who shepherds a group of six teenage girls on their summer holiday. The clique’s dynamic is thrown off-kilter when a beautiful and exotic Spanish student, Fiamma, arrives on campus.

The other girls are enamored with Fiamma, and spend days by the lake, listening to her recount stories of traveling the world with her father. Miss G, too, is taken with the new student, but unlike her other pupils, Fiamma is uninterested in Miss G’s attention. At least it appears that way on the surface. It doesn’t take long, however, for cracks to appear below the ripples in Miss G and Fiamma’s relationship, propelling the two toward an intense, summer-long love affair.

Cracks boasts an entirely female cast, and the film marks the directorial debut of Jordan Scott, daughter of famed director Ridley Scott.

Eva Green and Jordan Scott on the set of Cracks

In recent interviews, Green seems to have grown weary of all the wink, wink, nudge, nudge “what’s it like to kiss a girl” nonsense.

“It is exactly the same,” she said this week. “It doesn’t make a difference whether it is a woman or a man.”

After she called the film a “little taboo,” some reporters wondered if it had potential to cause a full-blown uproar.

Behind-the-scenes filming on the set of Cracks

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen it yet,” she told them. “To me it more of a love story and how far you can go. It is about obsession and innocence, it is very interesting.”

I agree: young, obsessive, lesbian love is interesting. Although, when you mix that kind of interesting with boarding school it usually combusts with someone jumping off a roof, or being carted off to jail.

The film opens in England and France on Oct. 14. Are you interested in seeing Cracks?