Mischa Barton loves playing gay

You remember that t.A.T.u movie Dorothy Snarker told us about last May, right? The film — You and I — stars Mischa Barton and Shantel Van Santen (of ANTM: SI) as Russian and American teenagers who fall in love to the rousing faux-lesbian sounds of t.A.T.u., and then get swept up into some kind of murder/drug ring.

Well, Barton wasn’t at the premiere in Cannes, but in an interview this week she finally mentioned the movie. “I did a film about t.A.T.u, the Russian girl band, and that was interesting,” she said. “This whole corrupt Russian music industry formed this fake lesbian band. It’s an odd story but a fascinating one.”

You know what else falls into that odd-but-fascinating category? Barton said when it comes to acting, she prefers to kiss girls:

It’s so much easier to kiss a girl. You’re so much more relaxed filming than you are doing a guy and girl scene. You can relax and have a laugh about it, whereas if it’s a man you have to kiss, the whole thing’s a bit tense.

Also, she has no idea why people keep offering her lesbian roles: “I don’t know why that keeps happening to me, but my scripts have a lot of girl-on-girl kissing.”

Yeah, I don’t know why that happens to you either. Oh, wait — yes I do.

Mischa Barton in Once and Again, circa 2002:

Mischa Barton in The O.C., circa 2005:

Mischa Barton in You and I, Circa 2008:

We still can’t tell you when this t.A.T.u movie is going to be released. The film’s producers told AfterEllen.com they hope it will be late 2009.

What we can do, however, is make an assumption about Mischa Barton’s career, based to math. It appears that she plays a lesbian/bisexual character every three years, and that each time the characters get progressively crazier. Katie was normal and endearing, Marissa was earnest but pretty much nuts, and it looks like her Russian character in You and I might be legitimately bananas. So, if my calculations are correct, Barton will be playing a full-blown lesbian sociopath in 2011.

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait.