Kiki Archer’s Lesbian Fiction Novel ‘But She is My Student’ Aims for the Big Screen

There is some very exciting news coming out of the UK this week! The first project on the Winters Archer Productions slate is wrapped. Authors Kiki Archer and Jade Winters came together with lesbian producer Alex Hogben to form the Winters Archer Production company with the vision of bringing the very best of lesbian fiction to the big screen. Wanting to entice funding for the best-selling, award-winning story ‘But She Is My Student,’ an adaptation of Kiki’s debut novel, they’ve shot a ten-minute introduction to the film to accompany their bid for investment.

Photo by Simon Purse

Alex Hogben told us:

“People are wanting to invest in lesbian features, they just need convincing that there’s a market for what they’ve traditionally viewed as a niche genre. If we can show them a high quality short that introduces the story then we’re in a stronger position to secure the funding that’s out there. Think about how many films get made, now try and name a handful of good lesbian ones, you’d struggle. Our stories deserve to be shown and Winters Archer Productions are trying to make that difference.”

photo by Simon Purse

With a fantastic young cast of women, Charlotte Gould (Invasion Earth, Alleycats, HOTSEAT), MTV’s Shanika Ocean and newcomer Chloe Astleford, the Winters Archer team think they’re onto a winner.

The shoot that was Directed by Natahan Hannawin (Sleaford Mods: Invisible Britain) and Mo Beheshti, both allies to the LGBT community, looked like an awful lot of fun, and we can’t wait to join Winters Archer productions on their journey. In the coming weeks we will be sharing with you some exclusive clips and backstage interviews with the cast, so stay tuned! 

Click to the next page for an exclusive excerpt from Kiki Archer’s novel ‘But She is My Student’ to get a taste of what’s to come. We can’t wait to see the story translated to the big screen!