The Weekly Geek: Starbuck keeps her new plans secret

After several years of hints and sneak peeks, we’re finally upon the premiere of Avatar, James Cameron’s (Aliens, Titanic, Terminator) first feature film in 12 years. The story of a disabled marine (Terminator 4’s Sam Worthington) who infiltrates a native planet’s alien people, it’s billed as the director’s return to the spectacular sci-fi epic. After checking that it’s getting positive reviews — 84% “fresh” on review aggregater Rotten Tomatoes — I’m all set for a little midnight premiere action.

I’m not just excited to see the hyped-up 3D visuals, I’m pumped to watch the women of the film kick some serious ass. Everyone’s favorite Alien-killer Sigourney Weaver appears as a scientist in the film, Michelle Rodriguez plays a marine pilot, and my new favorite space-babe, Zoe Saldana (Star Trek), stars as a Nav’I warrior.

In fact, I was struck recently by just how cool (and rare) Cameron’s track record with strong female characters is for a Hollywood director. In preparation for the latest film, I had a little “Cameron-athon” with like-minded buddies. We skipped Titanic (spoiler: the ship sinks) and dipped deep into the darker, heavier action, in chronological order. We cheered the young Sarah Connor in Terminator, stood up and clapped for the “get away from her, you b—h” line in Aliens and swooned when the older, wiser Sarah straps on the heavy weaponry in Judgment Day. We’re dorks, yes, but hey, we’re empowered, feminist dorks.

In related, badass space-babe news, Starbuck — er, Katee Sackoff is planning her own comic book. From The Geek Files:

Sackhoff, who plays Captain Kara “Starbuck” Thrace in the space series, has penned the title with writer/production designer friend Sxv’Leithan Essex but says she isn’t ready to disclose details of what the comic will be about.

The project is slated for a reveal at next year’s Comic Con. I never knew she was a comic book geek — but apparently, she’s been a huge fan since childhood. Even better — she’s rumored to be playing Typhoid Mary (a Deadpool/Daredevil villain) in the upcoming Deadpool spin-off. Consider my fingers crossed.

So, who’s planning to see Avatar this weekend? Raise your hands and be counted in the comments!