Eliza Dushku picks a post-“Dollhouse” project – or does she?

You’d figure with 100-plus personalities bouncing around in her head, Eliza Dushku would have her pick of post-Dollhouse roles. But then news broke Tuesday that her next project would be headlining the horror film Zoe with Freddie Prinze Jr. (that’s Mr. Sarah Michelle Gellar) and James Van Der Beek (that’s Dawson, remember Dawson?). Um, OK.

Now, as great as Eliza is in horror/action/anything that involves wearing leather pants, the role as the eponymous small New England town waitress fighting God knows what doesn’t sound like much of a stretch. Maybe that’s because it might not be true. The reported by bloody-disgusting.com goes against what Eliza herself has said will be her next project — namely, an ambitious Robert Mapplethorpe biopic. (NOTE: Update from Eliza herself, below)

In an interview last Friday with PaperMag Eliza talked about the Mapplethorpe film:

We’re working on the Mapplethorpe biopic. It was hard to do both, we were filming the season finale and the apocalypse of Dollhouse, but now I’m pretty much full time in producer mode, finalizing the script, and getting ready to start shooting.

Eliza also tweeted yesterday a reply to a follower inquiring about her next project:

Eliza first bought the rights to the Mapplethorpe project, chronicling the life of the iconic and controversial gay photographer, a year ago. The late artist’s estate is also said to also be behind the film. Her brother Nate Dushku (who appeared in the Dollhouse finale as a Rossum henchman) will play Mapplethorpe and two-time Sundance grand jury prize winner Ondi Timoner (DiG!) will direct the film, called The Perfect Moment.

Now that sounds like a worthy post-Dollhouse project. Considering that no other reputable industry source (like Variety or The Hollywood Reporter) has any mention of Eliza joining Zoe (let alone Freddie or James signing on), the rumored project could be just that — a rumor. Also, James and Freddie are supposed to play brothers who are trying to revive their family’s Greek restaurant owned. Right — because nothing says “my family is Greek” like the last name Van Der Beek.

Now, I tend to believe (and hope) that the Mapplethorpe film is Eliza’s next true calling. Could she still shoot Zoe to raise some cash for her real passion project? Sure. But it’s nice to know that her ambitions are much higher than a small-town waitress. I think Echo would be proud.

UPDATE: Eliza tweeted a response to our query about her post-Dollhouse plans. She confirmed that it’s the Mapplethorpe picture, not the horror flick, in her future. She also sent a little sugar our way.

@afterellen Mapplethorpe biopic. No Zoe Chloe waitress gig. No question. Do love you, fine smart peeps, x

Oh Eliza, we heart you, too!